This story is told in the point of view of Cole. I wrote Earth is my Element, and it was only two pages. I decided to have a draft of it, and type the rest on here. Enjoy!

Hello there. I am Cole. I am a ninja. In fact, I am the Ninja of Earth. A few months ago, I was climbing and met a man named Sensei Wu. He said I had potential, and took to a place named The Monastery of Spinjitzu. I could of sworn I heard that term before. I lived om a village with my father, Lou. My father is a Royal Blacksmith. There was this impossible dance move named The Triple Tiger Sashay. When I was seven,my father told me to do the move. There I stood, and looked at the three wooden dummmies. I began to leap, but fell on my face. I ran away, soon afrer that event. One day, I was climbing and met Sensei Wu. I started my training, and completed it on my second attempt. Sensei Wu handed me a case. Inside, was a black ninja suit. I walked down the corridor, and I was being watched by a boy in a black ninja suit. I went to bed. That morning, Sensei Wu introduced me to Jay. Jay was the boy in the black ninja I saw yesterday. Sensei Wu gave Jay wooden nunchucks, while I recieved a wooden scythe with a silver blade. Not bad. Jay showed his collection of video games. Jay and I played Dark Dragon, To be honest, I was scared. I don't know why I am of afraid of dragons. My character fell into a volcano, and Jay's character gained the power of The Dark Dragon. It was a interesting game, despite always falling in volcanos.

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