Written by Kurohaa. Dream vs. Ninja is a crossover story of a popular horror RPG called Yume Nikki and its related fan-games, such as .flow, Yume 2kki, Yume Nisshi, Answered Prayers, LCDDEM (Lucid Dream), etc.

Most of the story can be accessed on Wattpad here

Alternatively, you can find it on here

Plot Edit

Dream Vs. Ninja Edit

The plot follows six girls as they strive to rid the ninja from Ninjago. The order in which the Ninja fall are: Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, and Lloyd. At the very end of the story, they are proven victorious and leave the scene of their fight, a trail of blood leaking behind them.

Dream Vs. Villain Edit

During Dream Vs. Villain, we will see most of the story behind the eyes of characters from Fleshchild characters, namely Visi and Vice, as well as other NPCs such as .flow's Kaibutsu. The characters that will be sacrificed are unknown as of this point, but Kurohaa assumes that she is willing to murder Skylor, Morro and others.

Dream Vs. Ninja- Reboot Edit

Dream Vs. Ninja- Reboot will be a collection of Yume Nikki fan game characters against assorted OCs from the fanfiction "Destiny of a Pink Ninja". It's unknown at which order these OCs will die but Kurohaa states that it will go from weakest to strongest.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of creating these stories is to trigger devoted Ninjago fans and for nothing else.


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