Dr. Albert W. Wily is a character from Capcom's Mega Man series and the Mega Man fan comic. He acts as the main antagonist of the series and as a major antagonist in Ninjago vs. Mega Man: Worlds in Danger


Pre-Villain DaysEdit

(Note that this is the history in the fan comic. Do not regard it as actual canon.)

Dr. Wily was born in the late-Twentieth Century and raised in Monstropolis. He went to collage to learn robotics, where he met Thomas Light. They both graduated, and decided to become partners.

Wily got married to his girlfriend May, who had a daughter named June a year later. Meanwhile Wily and Dr. Light got funding to start a lab called Light Labs, due to the fact, according to Wily, Light pitched in the most to make it happen.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily got a contract from the US government to build a military robot, due to the fact that thanks to the combined genius of both scientists they had revolutionized robotics multiple times. Dr. Light found this as an opportunity to try something he had wanted to try for a while, while Wily supported the idea of a ruthless killing machine that would have no mercy, as that was his opinion on what a military machine should be capable of doing.

Dr. Light built Proto Man, who was the first robot to have an advance A.I. system. Dr. Wily saw great promise in the robot as much as Dr. Light did. The robot was bound to the Laws of Robotics, but it could still think and feel like a human. Unfortunately, Blues left when he found out that if a defect in his power core was repaired, his personality would possibly be changed as well. Wily convinced Light to continue his work, and build the Sniper Joe robots, which Wily would later use for conquest as his grunts.

Villain DaysEdit

Dr. Wily disappeared later, leaving his wife and daughter in the process. No one knew why, only that he stole a few million dollars from Light Labs. Wily built a fortress and looked for Proto Man. When he found Proto Man in tatters, he repaired him, gave him a new helmet, and called him Break Man. Then he set out to steal Dr. Light's industrial Robot Masters, Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man. He also stole the design for two prototype robots called Time Man and Oil Man. He attempted to reprogram Rock, Dr. Lights lab assistant and "son", but failed and had to make a quick escape.

Wily sent Cut Man and Guts Man to steal some Ceramic-Titanium Alloy, and for the first time confronted Mega Man, who was Rock modified into a super combat robot. The resulting battle killed Guts Man (despite the fact that Mega Man didn't want to), and Mega Man getting injured.

Continued Later:)…

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