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Sensei wu tells his student about a young Tommy wu grapples with his conflicted feelings when he finds out his cousin, Heather dawn, is marrying Queen Elizabeth's son, Prince allen. Wu also begins to suspect that allen has changed since their childhood.


The prologue start with Kai and friends are sleeping on the room, when they wake up to sees wu is selling his things for paying his bills, but revealing he selling his disney things, Kai ask about to sell disney stuff which sensei wu tells them about the wedding of his cousin, heather and allen.

The episode start with Mailman delivers a letter from Queen Elizabeth to Sensei wu, sensei Garmadon,tom, Misako,Emma and Mai. In the letter, Queen Elizabeth asks Wu and friends to help with the upcoming royal wedding in ocean kingdom. Emma will provide catering for the reception, Mai will host it, tom will train and conduct the bird choir, Garmadon will perform a sonic rainboom during the ceremony, and Misako will design the wedding dresses. Wu receives the keystone job of overseeing the preparations.

Wu is shocked to learn that the bride and groom are "Prince allen " and Wu and garmadon's cousin, Heather dawn. Wu is upset because she never told them about her wedding or Princess Allen. In a song called Y.C.B.F.F. ("Younger Cousin Best Friend Forever"), Wu recalls how he,Garmadon and Heather dawn used to do everything together, and how much they misses her.

On the sumerine ride to Atlantis with a detective girl named sonia, everyone except Wu And garmadon happily discusses the wedding, and only Emma notices Wu and garmadon's glumness. Upon inquiry, wu says that she is still thinking about Heather dawn's neglect of him, though Emma tells her not to worry.

At ocean kingdom, it is evident that there has been an increase in security: the sumerine passes through a pink protective sphere encasing the city, there are many guards at the station, and Queen Elizabeth keeps watch with the aid of a telescope from the balcony of the highest tower. Heather dawn is happy to see her two cousin and affectionately calls him "tommy and Marmaduke Wellington.” Wu and Garmadon immediately berates her for not telling them about the wedding, but Heather dawn explains that he had no choice and Queen Elizabeth wanted an increase in security in response to an exterior threat. Wu and Garmadon concedes but remains hurt. Heather dawn reassures them that they has always been, and always will be, important to her, and asks them to be her Best Mare.

Heather dawn explains that Prince allen is the full name of allen, Misako and emma's former foal cousin. Misako and emma proclaims them to be "beautiful, caring, and kind" and "the best foelcousin ever.” A flashback shows that filly They used to frolic in the park, play on the swings, and resolve lovers' quarrels. Misako and emma remembers their chant: "Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hands and do a little shake!"

Emma misako sees allen and eagerly reminds him of their chant. However, allen does not recognize it and is indifferent to His cousin. heather announces that allen will be monitoring the wedding planning. When he says that they are happy to have Wu and Garmadon there, allen smiles at Wu and Garmadon malevolently.

Wu and garmadon begins overseeing the wedding preparations, starting in Emma's kitchen. When allen shows up to check the catering, emma offers her an apple fritter, which allen insincerely calls "delicious.” Emma gives allen a bag of fritters in case she forgets to stop for a meal, but when Emma turns around, allen tosses the fritters into the trash.

Wu and garmadon, incensed by Allen's ingratitude, visits Misako, who is working in the tower room she stayed at in Sweet and Elite. Twilight begins to describe Cadance's temperamental behavior, but allen arrives with his bridesmaids, (Emily, Kate jones, and bonnie smith.). Allen ignores Misako’s greeting and appraises his dress. He says that she was hoping for more beading and a longer train, and turns her attention to the bridesmaids' dresses. Displeased, he demands that Misako make them in a different color, despite the fact that his bridesmaids love their dresses. Misako is more than happy to comply with the royal demands, but Wu and Garmadon calls allen "Your highness" when allen is out of earshot.

After nightfall, allen meets Mai inside the castle ballroom. Mai presents her flamboyant reception plans, which include a board game, carnival music, and dancing. Allen compares the setup to a "party for a six-year old,” although Mai is oblivious to the insult. Meanwhile, Wu and garmadon has been eavesdropping on their exchange.

King jack enters the shield and switches places with Queen Elizabeth on the tower balcony for the night. Meanwhile, the six friends are sipping drinks after a day of work. Wu and garmadon seizes the opportunity to find fault with allen, calling her the "absolute worst groom-to-be, ever.” However, his friends rationalize Allen's behavior. Tom mentions that allen criticized one of the choir birds during rehearsal, but the bird in question was off-key. The friends suggest that Wu and garmadon is still being excessively protective of their cousin, but Wu and garmadon insists that their friends are too preoccupied with wedding preparations to notice Allen's attitude. Frustrated, he storms off.

Wu and garmadon visits heather's house and tries to talk to him privately, but is interrupted by allen, who is also intent on speaking with him. Wu and garmadon watches allen scold Heather about a crest she is planning to wear with his dress uniform, which belonged to her favorite uncle. Heather protests and allen swiftly casts a spell on her, making herto go wall-eyed. Frightened, Wu and garmadon runs away. Heather sees Her cousin running off and wonders what she wanted to tell him.

Wu and garmadon runs to the castle to where their friends are staying. Their friends explain that allen has chosen them to be his new grooms and bridemaids, and they interpret it as a reward for their diligence and evidence of allen's good intentions. Nobody knows where the former gromm are or listens to Wu and garmadon's warning. Wu and garmadon leaves, saying, "Looks like I really am on my own."

The wedding rehearsal takes place the next day, but Wu and garmadon is not there. When Heather turns to take her wedding ring, Wu and garmadon bursts into the wedding hall, proclaiming that neither they nor Heather should stand next to allen. Ignoring the inquiries of tom and Tom, she approaches the podium and points at allen, crying, "He's EVIL!" While aggressively cornering allen, Wu and garmadon condemns Allen's behavior towards their friends, the sudden disappearance of the groom, and the spell he cast on heather.

Allen, bewildered by Wu and Garmadon's accusations, runs away in tears. Wu and Garmadon chases him out and proudly trots back into the hall. However, Heather dawn contradicts each of Wu and garmadon’s accusations. She claims that Allen's magic was intended to alleviate her migraines, which were caused by 24/7 maintenance of the protective magic barrier; allen replaced his grooms and bridemaids because of their apparently shallow motivations; and her brusque behavior towards Wu and garmadon's friends appeared to be due to the stress of having to make all of the decisions for the wedding in his bride’s absence defending ocean kingdom.

Heather contrasts Allen's efforts with Wu and garmadon's apparent lack of concern for the wedding. She dismisses Wu and garmadon from her position as Best Mare and suggests that they not attend the wedding at all. Their friends and Queen Elizabeth also leave to check on allen. Wu and garmadon is left in the wedding hall alone, where they laments the loss of a female cousin and a male potential cousin. They begins to doubt their opinion of allen.

When Wu and garmadon is still in the hall, allen appears and comforts them, stroking them mane affectionately. When Wu and garmadon apologizes, Allen's eyes turn green, and she says that Wu and garmadon will be sorry. Allen summons a ring of green fire, which engulfs Wu and garmadon in a sphere of energy. The final shot story allen walking out of the room as the sphere and Wu and garmadon sinks into the ground, while wu tells them the end os the story but the story still finish the story yet.


Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

Principal mai Knights (debut)

professor tom allen

emma wu

misako garmadom

Heather dawn (debut)

Prince Allen (debut)

Queen elizabeth (debut)

King jack (debut)

Atlantis's people (debut)

Royal guard (debut)

Detective sonia cages (debut)

Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

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