(Cole's Tread Assult zoomed into Ninjago Forest. Cole, alone, had been sent on a special mission. Sensei Wu pinpointed the location of the the Serpentine. Cole was sent to do the mission. However, if anything went wrong, he had to call Lloyd, the Green Ninja. Cole could hear the hissing and laughing of some people deep in the forest. But they didn't sound anything like snakes...)

Cole: Hmmmmm...maybe they know I'm here. Trying to act human.

(Cole sneaked through the bamboo as the laughter got louder. He could hear some of the words.)

???: ...suckers...hope you die...just a snake...kick your butt...

Cole: What's going on? Why are they saying that?

(Cole could see some color in the distance. He peeked his way in the bamboo and looked. But what he looked at changed his mind forever.)

Cole: Woah...

(Snappa and Lasha, two Serpentine scouts, were on the dirt, knocked out. But what he saw next changed his life. A pink suited Ninja ran into the temple they were guarding. He saw eyelashes, meaning it was a GIRL!)

More Coming Soon...