This OC was made by AstraStars, please do not use without their permission

" So, why are we just standing here? I mean, I don't see anything....Except for the crazy blue clown"- Davon questioning Lloyd's plan


Davon was born to the Disowned Klark Saito, and his wife Brila Saito(nee Henders).  When Davon was born, his Father was killed by his sister, Asami Saito, making Brila a single Mother.  Davon was secretly trained by his Mother, until her turned 14 years old, and he was sent to train with the Ninja despite being a few years younger.  When Sakura and Lloyd were aged up, Sakura and Davon dated for a few months, before Davon broke up with Sakura for unknown reasons.


Davon has quite a temper, and often lashes out for the smallest things, despite this he is also caring, and quite paitient and doesn't ever want to hurt innocent people.  Davon is easily irratable and sometimes obnoxiously flirty.


Davon was messy Black hair that slightly covers his right eye, and deep Navy Blue eyes.  He also has pretty noticable cheekbones and looks a bit too mature for his age.  Davon wears a Navy Blue Gi, that is adorned with a Black Phoenix.


Oni- Davon is a Half-Oni, and as such he is able to use their powers

Mace- Davon's weapon is a Mace, and he is quite adept with it

Speed- Davon is a distant relative of Griffin Turner, and is able to use the element of Speed


Klark Saito(Deceased)- Father

Brila Saito(Nee Henders)- Mother

Sakura R. Suzuki- Ex-Girlfriend

Griffin Turner- Distant Cousin