“I don't know who are you all and who is that Garmadon guy, but I realy not like, how is that going.”

— Darth Vader to the Sons of Garmadon

Darth Vader (Formely Anakin Skywalker) is a sith lord. He is the student to Emperor Palpatine.

History Edit

Darth Vader and a part of the Galactic Empire arrived at Ninjago City and used the Borg Tower as their base. Vader herad about that five ninja are protecting the city but warned the officers about that even they can't stop the Empire as their powers are no match for The Force. Later he fought The Ninja and defeated them. Sensei Wu arrived but even he was unable to stop Vader. Later Emperot Palpatine arrived and later two Stormtroopers brought them a hooded man with pale skin and red eyes. The man was put into prison beacuse Vader and Palpatine dit not know what they should do with him. Later they have told about the sons of Garmadon and the Oni Masks. They went to their base and managed to defeat and capture the members of the S.O.G including Harumi. They have also stole the Oni Masks.