A Vicious CycleEdit

Cub is riding a green metal tricycle in front of his house when the camera dramatically zooms in to the bushes, where the scene quickly changes to night and a flipped out Felicia covered in scratches pops out from the bush. A police siren attracts his attention and she turns to see policemen emerge from the police car, wanting to arrest her.

Felicia pushes Grace off the tricycle and holds it over his head as an attempt to use it as a weapon. However, before she could do anything, a bolt of lightning strikes the tricycle and instantly reduces Felicia to a pile of ashes, which is then blown away by the breeze. They stare intently at Grace's tricycle when Dr. Crow suddenly bursts into the scene, carrying a bowl of nachos and several bottles of beer, and he invites the officers in for a snack.

As they are eating in the living room and watching TV, Grace happily rides her tricycle inside the house and blocks the view of the television, leading Her father to scold Grace and put the tricycle outside. When the two gang return to the den, the room suddenly goes dark, the tricycle bell is heard, and a small light can be seen advancing towards Policeman and "leaping" at him, causing him to scream in pain. Cops turns on his flashlight and all they see is Policeman's decapitated head, which is severed at the top, exposing his brain. Several nacho chips are seen embedded in his brain.

Dr. Crow then goes down to the basement and turns the power back on, but when he arrives at the top of the stairs, he is shocked to see Grace's tricycle. The tricycle, now possessed by Felicia, pushes Dr. Crow down the stairs, breaking his bones and knocking him into the electric power panel, which electrocutes him and ultimately decapitates him.

Inside the living room, Cops is enjoying the blood-covered nachos inside Policeman's disembodied head, when all of a sudden the lights turn off again. Cops turns on his flashlight once more and sees the tricycle with Dr. Crow's head on the seat, the bell still ringing. Cops, still clutching policeman's head full of chips, runs into the hallway closet to hide. The tricycle slowly rolls by the closet, oblivious to the fact that Cops is inside. However, Cops blows his cover by making a loud crunching noise as he devours another chip. The tricycle skids to a stop, opens the closet door, and attempts to tackle Cops, but Cops tries to fight back by holding the pedals. Unfortunately for the body, the tricycle spins around and hits Cops's face five times, decapitating and killing him.

The scene then goes to Grace playing happily and contentedly on the tricycle. She rings the bell, which appears to have been stuffed inside an eyeball.

All In VainEdit

One night, Grace wakes up and opens the fridge. She spots Kai, who she has been keeping in the refrigerator for nourishment. He yelps in surprise as grace, who is then revealed to be a vampire, grows fangs and hypnotizes him with her eyes. After that, she picks him up and stabs his neck with two straws. She drinks the blood from the straws, only for her to spit it out due to the awful taste. Grace then pours down Kai' blood (which has hardened due to being in the fridge) into the sink, then crushes his body like a soda can. After that, she throws his body over to the trash, only for it to miss and fall on the floor next to the crushed bodies of Jay, zane, and cole.

Grace, still being hungry, decides to order some delivery food, hoping to feast on the delivery person. Later, the delivery car arrives near Grace's house. Grace stops brushing her teeth to answer the door. Grace tries to hypnotize the delivery man as he opens the door. However, the delivery man is shown to be Emmet and Grace's eyes have no effect on him. Grace begrudgingly takes her delivery as Emmet, who is disappointed that he didn't receive a tip, goes back to his car and leaves. Frace, not wanting to give up her meal, turns into a 'bat', which is actually her head with her antlers as wings.

Inside the car, Emmet adjusts his mirror, gasp. Grace is then shown in the car, in the back seat. As she prepares to attack emmet, she gasp in surprise. Emmet drives his car right through a railroad crossing gate, decapitating himself. Grace, having ducked down beforehand, has survived and gets up dazed. Seeing Emmet's blood spraying out from his neck, Grace becomes delighted. But before he can enjoy her meal, a train destroys the car.

Grace then wakes up and finds herself inside an ambulance, with a lot of blood bags around her. Grace then grows fangs again, staring in astonishment at all the sustenance around her.

When the ambulance has arrived, Finn and jake opens the back door, surprised to see an engorged Grace taking up the entire back of the ambulance due to all the blood he drank. Finn and jake yell and runs away in fear of the vampire. The sun then begins to rise, which causes Grace to worry for her life. She tries to squeeze out of the ambulance, to no avail. She then turns into a bat, only for her engorged body to slow down her flight. Grace flies only a few feet, her massive gut dragging across the ground. Feeling tired, Grace turns back to her normal form to rest and drink a bag of blood she carries. However, the sunlight finally catches up with her, causing her body to boil and finally explode, sending body parts scattering. Meanwhile, the still fleeing Finn and jake for their life, as darlyn is impaled on the head by grace's fangs from her skull. As the closing iris is shown, one of the eye sockets on Grace's skull shows the hypnotizing swirl, which then covers up the screen.

Boo Do You Think You Are?Edit

Finn, Jake, and Emmet all jump into a cart, apparently excited for something. Then it reveals that they're entering a haunted house at the carnival. Finn and Jake are obviously excited, while Emmet is scared. When they enter the building, Jake gets startled by a hand that pops out of a coffin, and chuckles. Suddenly, it grabs Jake' head, and gives it a hard scratch, cutting up his head and revealing his brain. Finn screams in horror and she starts whimpering and can barely look away at Jake' dead corpse. Finn doesn't notice that a pendulum swinging back and forth in front of their car. Emmet tries to warn Finn, but he's still traumatized and he doesn't move. As a result, he gets sliced in half.

Emmet screams in fear and backs into a corner, when suddenly a cauldron suspended above the cart fills it with lava (or molten copper) up to Emmet's waist. In pain, he jumps out of the cart, now with his lower body reduced to a skeleton, screaming. He falls onto the floor. Suddenly, the cart tips over, burning the rest of his body (excluding the top of his head, then his lower jaw falls off). Before the episode ends, a cheap paper ghost drops down beside Emmet's skeleton and lets out a wail.

Out of Sight, Out of MimeEdit

It's Halloween night, and the Kids are out looking for some candy. As we pan through the area we see a Om nom dragging behind him a sack of candy more than double his size; couple (only seen in silhouettes), standing in their home; Cro-Marmot dressed as a ghost, wearing a sheet with two eyeholes over his block of ice; and a flipped out Felicia happily digging graves.

Darlyn now enters the scene, carrying a small sack of candy and wearing a witch hat around her head and holding a broom. She approaches a house and rings the doorbell. Since she is a good, she holds out her bag of candy without saying "Trick or Treat". Unfortunately this is Emmet's house, and without hearing "Trick or Treat" he assumes no one is there, so he slams the door shut in Darlyn's face.

Darlyn sadly walks away, while Lloyd (dressed as a clown), Jake (dressed as the Grim Reaper and holding a scythe), and Finn (dressed as a ghost) walk up to Emmet's house. Emmet, seeing her chance to get candy, runs up to the door as the others shout, "Trick or Treat!" Darlyn holds up his bag with the others, all expecting candy.

Emmet, however, accidentally drops the candy short of their bags. As the candy lands on the ground, worms run up and quickly eat the candy. Finn and jake screams and run away. Unfortunately Jake is actually carrying a real scythe, and while turning to run he cuts Darlyn and lloyd's head off.

Darlyn and lloyd's head lands on a group of pumpkins lying outside of Emmet's door. Emmet reaches down into the group of pumpkins and unwittingly picks up darlyn and lloyd's head.

Inside Emmet's house, amidst a group of poorly carved pumpkins, Darlyn and lloyd's head is plopped down. Emmet cuts a circle in the top of darlyn and lloyd's head and removes their brain from the hole. Emmet then drops Darlyn and lloyd's hollowed out head outside of his house. Darlyn and lloyd's head has a candle in their mouth and one of darlyn's eyes is hanging out.

A worm then approaches and takes the eye. After the screen irises out, a cheap paper ghost, identical to the one seen at the end of Boo Do You Think You Are?, drops down and wails, before cutting to the credits.

Ghost PuppetsEdit

Darlyn tries to sleep, but she hears noises coming downstairs and decides to investigate. She then discovers that the puppet of fear she killed has turned into a ghost and is haunting the Schools. Realizing that neither she, The teammates crew, nor Emmet can handle the situation, they run out of the House only to run back in as the ghost puppets teleports in front of them. They call Preacher for help with the ghost puppets.

When he arrives, he draws protective circles around emmet and the teammates crew. He starts talking about his plan, and, using his tools that are inside the bag he brought with him, how he will banish the ghost puppets. But right after he says it, the ghost puppets comes, steals the bag and hides it inside a hole in the wall. Preacher then jumps out of the window and runs away in panic, leaving the three inside the circles in the house.

Darlyn tells everyone to wait until morning since that is allegedly when ghosts go to sleep, but Emmet see the pages of his magazine flipping (probably the ghost puppets turning it). He decides to to expand the circle with the chalk Preacher left behind in the hopes of finishing his comic. When he finishes drawing the expanded circle (which is actually in the shape of a woman), Emmet proceeds to finish the comic. However, he starts acting strangely shortly after, soon revealing that he is possessed by the puppets due to the loss of protection from the circle.

The puppet,of fear, using Emmet's body, starts attacking after creating claws and spits on the floor in front of Them. Darlyn says she wants to be a ghost so she can punch that puppets in the face, so Jay says he can kill her using a technique it learned from the Karate magazine that stops the heart for some minutes. They would bring Darlyn back to life five minutes later, but he would need unfinished matters to actually become a ghost. So Darlyn starts telling a joke, and Jay kills her before he can finish, releasing Darlyn's soul as a ghost into the ghost world.

Ghost Darlyn tries to fight the ghost puppets but fails and starts running, while the puppets slices everything in its way with the ghost scythe she created. When they get to the kitchen, Darlyn accidentally spills the paint, and the ghost puppets comes to fix it because that was its unfinished matter. Darlyn kills the puppet's ghost and moments later is brought back to life, believing jay did it, while she was in fact inside the hospital and Finn just brought him back to life using defibrillators.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

Dr. Crow (debut)

Felicia ridder

Grace Anna crow

Ninjago citizen people

Emmet Brickowski

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