Darlyn good days
Star seed and flower by Sailor Anahita





Original Airdate

july 30 2014

Song and Short

22 song/ darlyn rest day

That's All Folk

Slender man


Heroes in vacation


child play

read to talk

Transcript part 2: 14

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The Teammates crews is meets in game world, when mailman delivery a package survey crops solider suit.


The prologue start with the teammates crews is watching the commercial, when they see a survey crops costume for 1.000 dollar and they call 555-12 and mailman delivery to them as they open a survey crops (it could be six of it) and has a decorate paints and there rainbow heart seed on the flower.

The episode start with It is the day of Kai,jay,zane,Cole,lloyd and Darlyn's survey crops training exam at Their School, and they is very excited. If they passes it, Kai will become leader of survey crops. Once there, they throws their Zx suit away, falsely assuming they will pass. Having taken the oral exam thirty-eight times previously, Kai,jay,zane,Cole,lloyd and darlyn is able to answer the questions before they are even asked. However, upon reaching the survey crops portion of the exam, they realizes wu and Garmadon was so excited so much that they didn't know it was really long and hard. As a result, wu and Garmadon gets scared and panics, and quickly crashes into a tower causing Car's body to inflate. Wu and Garmadon says, "What the f*ck student why?"

At night, wu put survey crops suit at the warning collection as they sleep, the next days darlyn awakes all time at game world,when flashback she sleep on motorcycle and they headed to games world (Kai screams like tom cat) They spot and follow a crystal seed flower in games world titles. Suddenly, they spots a young detective wrestling a giant monster with use a robot puppets. Lloyd takes out the games world book from supermarket, and identifies them as a 'puppet show games'. They thinks that the little girls and her friends is in trouble, and goes to wrestle the monster themselves. The little girl manages to escape the monster, but Darlyn and lloyd ends up inside it along with the little girl. Kai then rescues Lloyd,darlyn and the little girl, and throws the monster out of the area. They introduces teamselves, and the girl says that her name is Felicia.

They inquires about the being solider they wears, and Felicia tells them that it's a bad idea. They doesn't know when queen Isabella is hate being burned by fire and flame, but he doesn't tell her this, instead they says that she loves play fire. Sandy, and they call emmet,so where is emmet.

Emmet stands in a gas station filling his car with gas, when is crash by accident, they told about her and they get capture by queen Isabella daughter Bella who is now protecting the city, Finn and jake looking for them as they call them who needs a help, Finn and jake will save them.

Finn and jake arrives at game worlds as they are open to them run to escapes, when queen Isabella throw them out as punishment and they told about davy jones, wu is arrives to make them give a survey crips suit to get rid of it.

In epilogue, they clean the house, and Darlyn take a break with lloyd.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

Felicia ridder (debut)

Suzy gellar (debut)

Grace Anna crow (debut)

Simon ridder (debut)

Adam (debut)

Bonnie (debut)

Lucy (debut)

Thomas (debut)

Tom (debut)

Luke and Andy (debut)

Jason (debut)

Jerry (debut)

ash (debut)

Gwendolyn (debut)

Charlotte (debut)

Magnolia (debut)

Princess Bella (debut)

Queen Isabella (debut)

King adam (debut)

King And Queen (debut)

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