While Darlene maylee "darlyn mae" p. De guzman, the ex-teen titan mates and new ninja is adjusting to family and friends life and an attempted honest living in the starbuck business, a secret Arctic laboratory is stolen. The Agent-Hereos League decides it needs an insider's help and recruits darlyn and friends in the investigation. Together with the eccentric AHL agent/Dr. Quest's son, Jonny quest, kai concludes that his prime suspect is their presumed dead supervillain, Queen of the Chrysalis (Kai's Fear of Boogie Monster which Their Mother and Father told with A story), whose her teenage daughter is also making the moves on her second little helper, Ginger. Seemingly blinded by her overprotectiveness of her allies and families and his growing mutual attraction to Kai's fiancée, Angela Dragson, The Teammates Crew seems on the wrong track even as other skeleton armies and Female Bride zombies armies are being quietly kidnapped en masse for some malevolent purpose, During It's Lego's anniversary and everyone is ready to celebrate. that is until Johnny quest's nemesis's Dr. Zin crashes the celebration. He brainwashes the entire city, reclaims it in the name of Singapore and proclaims himself as "King Zinny the First". The Teammates crew are ready to bring him down, but during the fight, Dr. Zin uses his cane and steals Jones's youth which turns him into a weak old man. It's now up to the rest of the team to stop Dr. Zin, save the city and rescue Jones.


The prologue begin, A battle with A demonic mysterious Chrysalis like humanoid leaves The Humanoid Flame fire defeated, with six of the soliders killed during the fight, and the world at the mercy of machine army. Rachael is told by General to take her children to an underground fortified refuge hidden above the Arctic Circle. The Teammates crew are Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd and Darlyn, Their teachers secretly raises and trains the children for 30 years. The movie film begin, A mysterious vehicle using a huge magnet steals a highly potent mutagen like possession known as Dark Matter from a secret laboratory in the Arctic Circle. The Agents-heroes League (AHL) tries to recruit former teen titans mates, darlyn, to find who stole the mutagen like Possession after Kai lose his honor when connie the kitten who tries to chase the Little helpers during Kobe's birthday at the school, but darlyn refuses, claiming she and Lloyd are a legitimate businessgirl and Businessboy now as well as the the new mates of the teammates crew. Wu and garmadom, Darlyn and lloyd's teachers and assistant, has decided to leave them for new employment, claiming they "hated Lover Teammates crew." At night time, Angela is pressured by her father to Become friend of Zane so that Lloyd will stay and protect city town from the A new mysterious villain, though she is conflicted by her feelings for Kai while Darlyn and Lloyd are sleeping as they got woke up by Finn and Jake who inform Darlyn and Lloyd about It's Lego's anniversary and everyone prepares for the traditional evening fireworks. But just two seconds before their start, AHL Agents's nemesis, Dr. Zin suddenly pops up on the city's public TV screens and announces that the Grimsborough Revolution has never happened; right after this, he activates his hypno-screens. The Teammates crew are already wise to his tricks, but the rest of Grimsborough's population is not so fortunate and easily falls under Zin's Away, who reclaims the city in the name of Singapore, proclaims himself king, and attempts right away to conform his brainwashed subjects to Malaysia culture while Naomy is abducted as a hostage.

The Teammates crew confront Dr. Zin in the subway, but he manages to separate David jones from his teammates and activate a device in his cane which drains Jones's youth into Dr. Zin, restoring him to his adult age and reducing Jones to a decrepit old man. Dr. Zin makes his escape, and Darlyn and friends find themselves back in a black-and-white like colors pop-artésque facsimile of Malaysia, Singapore. They meets a scientific genius named Dr. quest tells the HeroSkipper plans to save jones while in the hotel as darlyn accidentally sit on Chicken's cages which the AHL's bodyguard, Roger T. "Race" Bannon's chickens attacking them, in chaos, the teammates crew killing the chicken by throwing them into window, while Little helpers shooting both chicken as Hadji, dr. Quest adoptive son kill Race's chicken with the pillow, Dr. Quest tells them that that always want to feed chicken with cocaine, Darlyn and Lloyd reluctantly partners with undercover AHL agent/Dr. Quest's son, Jonny quest, and they search Kai's and Angela's local mall, the Paradise Shopping Mall, disguised as school employees. Mexican salon spa restaurant owner, ellan stones, is suspected by kai of being "Queen and King of the Chrysalis", a legendary supervillain and Kai and Karen's fear of the boogie monster who supposedly died after burned alive into the center of an active volcano when Kai and Karen was young and escape from their nightmare and dreamscape. The the teammates crew break into Ellan's restaurant at night, but find nothing to prove that she is the culprit. Meanwhile, Elf expresses his wish to meet the ninja's children someday and believes that kai will fall in love with Angela, but despite her excitement, Kai tells her that his relationship with Angela is strictly professional.

The teammates crew investigate wig merchant Jess Eagle-san, but Darlyn and Lloyd are still suspicious of Ellan after seeing Ellan's two-timing daugher, Athena, going out with Ginger, and inviting everyone to his Cinco de Mayo party. Afterwards, Kai is set up on a horrible dinner date with rude old lady named ma bagge (The family/families of Bagges), who notices Kai's false mustache and threatens to humiliate him, but Jonny rescues darlyn's and Lloyd's adoptive brother by shooting Ma bagge with a tranquilizer dart. They take Ma bagge home which Kai reveals his true feelings for Angela and then proposes to her., and afterwards, Darlyn and Lloyd realizes that Elf was right, as their brother (Angela's Fiancè) has fallen in love with Angela, and changes of hearts.

The next day, the AHL arrests Jess Eagle-san due to an almost-empty Dark Matter jar being found in her shop by The Lover Teammates Crew, and the investigation is closed after Misako and emma are rewarded with money and cashes. Angela is reassigned to Australia with her friends by her teachers, but before leaving, gives Kai her locket filled with gadget and taser to remind him of her. This leaves Kai (who never shave beard stubble on regular basis) heartbroken because he loves her, but he cannot find the courage like Heart of joy and love, Memories Promise to ask her out on a marriage. Instead, they brings the little helper to the Cinco de Mayo party and finds proof that Ellan is Queen of the Chrysalis. The teammates crew discovers that she, her husband allen, Dr. Zin and zin's assistant, wu and Garmadon, have captured and mutated a large number of skeleton armies and Bride zombies armiesusing the Dark matter, turning them into insane, savage-black stained Skeleton and Zombies creatures, with Queen of Chrysalis planning to send rockets full of dark skeletons and dark zombies to major cities and achieve world domination. Queen of the Chrysalis proposes that she and the teammates crew team up, but the teammates crew avoids answering and leaves.

On her flight to Australia, Angela realizes she has also fallen in love with her Fiancè, Kai and jumps out of the plane with her friends, but after hang gliding down to the party, they are captured and imprisond by Queen of the Chrysalis after bandit, jonny's pet dog, retrieves her LTC ID badge from her suit. Fortunately, wu and garmadon informs the teammates crew, and to rescue Lover teammtes crew, The teammates crew reach to legoland, where they are soon attacked by Dr. Zin's robot army, and outmatched, they are forced into hiding, Once they have regrouped, however, the Teammates crew start bickering about how to proceed: María suggests finding jones and restoring his youth, zane votes for thrashing the robots in a full frontal assault, Kai, jay and cole wants to find and apprehend Dr. Zin first, and Joaquín well, his proposal to assemble and train a gerbil commando force is unanimously disregarded by the others. They try out the first three plans one by one, but whatever they do, Dr. Zin anticipates their intentions and gets them caught in an ambush the teammates crew visits queen of the Chrysails along with Ren hoak, his right hand cat men, Stimpy Cat and his pervert men disguised themselves in fake dark skeletons, pretending they are captured by them. Fighting alongside darlyn and lloyd's little and big helpers, Athena, Her Twin brother, Julio, their allies and Friends, their families, The Lover Teammates Crew (expect angela) and their teachers, the teammates crew and their team spray all of the Dark skeletons and zombies with starbuck coffee containing a powerful antidote that Wu and garmadon made with Athena's Guns, where upon they revert to their white Stained dead bone and friendly undead state. Evading the robots, the heroes end up in the city hall, dejected. But then it is Darlyn and Lloyd, as a live action and Lego humanoid, who realizes one of the inner principles of democracy: Compromise. When Dr. Zin parades through the city, the Teammates crew combine the key elements of their respective plans, including Elf's, Sarah's and ginger's gerbil commando suggestion, depriving Dr. Zin of his cane. Before he can retrieve it, Jones manages to get hold of it, reversing the aging effect and then, by breaking the cane to rescue Naomy (who wears in Jungle outfit, trapped in Cage), eliminating Dr. Zin's control over the city, which reverts back to normal. The heroes gather proudly, Queen of the Chrysalis then takes the mutagen herself into Huge creature, but Kai and Karen overcome their fears using Angela's locket as Taser and Angelo's soul catcher gun.

Kai sees Angela who dressed up in jungle outfit, strapped to a TNT-loaded rocket and starts to untie her, but Jones accidentally launches the rocket when constance "connie" jump at Jones and Kai says "I really hate that connie.", sending the rocket flying towards the same volcano where Queen of the Chrysalis previously faked her death. Angela accepts Kai's invitation for a marriage, and the pair dive into the ocean seconds before the rocket enters the volcano. But Allen Transform into Monstrous Chrysails, But their Allies friends Arrives in Legoland to defeat King of the Chrysails. Kai is almost killed when Allen blows them both up while Dr. Zin and minions run away, but is saved by the Darlyn's Amulet which Jones Give him at the last second After darlyn use her power. Johnny returns it to his Father and Mother and resolves to be a hero of his own accord, they go to retrieve Jones's minivan from the flower shop and Kai makes a date with Angela.

Six weeks later, the two marry. Vowing to stop with his antics, Kai regretfully resigns from the Teammates crew, but would still like for the gang to hang out on occasion. As the ten walk to the ceremony as Kai and angela are married and Tommy, Annie and Lynn finally have a their aunt. Little helpers close with a rendition of "Love Song Mash Up (Love Me Like You Do)" as the whole allies and families celebrates with Bride zombies army and Skullins.

During the credits, a montage of clips from the previous films play. In a mid-credits scene with epilogue after the wedding, The teammates crew and lover teammates crew appear to have staged another honeymoon party in their dreams, and the song was played, Fly me to the moon that they wake up to watch a movie film. Jones emerges from the bathroom wearing pajama suit with Healed Head and Darlyn and Lloyd hug Jones. their teachers Emerges from the room to tells them not to Love each others. Connie the kitten kitty cat then jump at Jones to watch before film end.

Alternate EndingEdit

In a mid-credits scene after the wedding, The teammates crew and lover teammates crew appear to have staged another wild party that they cannot remember. Jones emerges from the bathroom wearing wrestler underwear with hair chest before Dr. zin Appears to Shoot Jones and Darlyn and Lloyd remembers that the wedding cake was a gift from Felicia; who emerges from the next room, wearing ninja suit, laughing and wielding a katana because She stole the blood eye from dark Skeleton's Eye to Save her Friends and Allies by Scare Dr. Zin Away. Connie the kitten kitty cat then jumps on Jones before the scene cuts to black.

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