The Heroes characters from a series of animated spinoff Horror-Comedy, Darlyn mae de guzman and her friends, Kai smith, Jay walker, Zane Julian, Cole bucket and Lloyd, make their feature debut here. After starting police business, the Teammates crew soon lands a job to stop a killer with a red mask from destroying the murder the families. After Manolo Kidnapped by Richard "Rich" Buckner who want to take over the world.


Grimsborough Hall's annual Family's 16th anniversary competition is approaching. The winner of the competition will win the coveted Golden Rainbow Gemstone Award. All are eager to protect their families from Murder and raped by serial killers until the contest, and The Teammates crew are cashing in by running a family security and humane police business, "Anti-Ninjago Patrol".

However, they are soon faced with two problems: first is Jones's Experiment Problem for his friends when he finds A Mysterious red Mask, while the second is inadequate space for the captured Killers. Jones comes up with an idea – use his Mind Manipulation-O-Matic machine to brainwash the wolves. While performing the operation, Jones (which he wears a red mask filled with Supernova curse that his father created for his son.) accidentally kicks a lever and a wolf gets fused to Manolo's head, causing the machine to malfunction, and Darlyn is forced to destroy the Mind-O-Matic to save Her childhood Best friend. The resulting failure somehow leaves them with a semi-intelligent Wolf who no longer has a tasks to kill them all human, whom Kai dubs "Cassie" After A businessman Named Rich Buckner who kidnap and take Manolo he is a great villain. That night, all the Families's house in the town are raided by the "Red Masque", an Unknown Unmasked Stranger-like killer which killed other families. During a chaotic town meeting in the church, Anti-Ninjago patrol enters into a rivalry with Richard buckner, who seeks to court Naomy and who believes that it is better to be rid of the killers via the use of guns. With Naomy's persuasion, the townspeople agree to let Anti-Ninjago patrol front the capture attempt.

After a hectic night-time chase, Darlyn, Lloyd, Kai and Jones come to the theory that Cassie is the Were-Wolf. Believing she has captured the beast, Jones is overjoyed and goes to inform María. Securing Cassie to make sure that he does not escape, Darlyn, Lloyd and Kai instead discovers that the Were-Wolf is in fact Manolo, suffering from the effects of the accident by Red masque is in fact Jones, with the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic having caused him and Cassie to have their personalities swapped. Alarmed, The Teammates crew seeks out Manolo from killed by Jones, retrieves him before the sun sets, and drives themselves away. Buckner corners Manolo during the night, jealous of His girlfriend's growing fondness for him because of his humane practice of police force. However, when Jones Use His supernatural Curse on his eyes to wait the full moon appears, Manolo transforms into the Were-Wolf before a petrified Buckner and his henchman Halloween wizard, forcing The Teammates crew to pursue him. Having identified the Were-Wolf, Buckner decides to dispose of his rival to win María's heart. The Priest allows him access to three "24-dary" gold bullets – supposedly, the only things capable of killing a Were-Wolf.

The following morning, the day has finally arrived for the Family Competition, but Naomy reluctantly bows to public pressure to sanction Buckner's offer to shoot the Were-Wolf. On the day before the meeting, Buckner tricks María into throwing a party at Party room, and he uses Speed to steal the Pacifier when she seduces Darlyn into showing him the Secret Sanctum. After Buckner lies to Joaquín, who shows up to investigate the noise and believes the lie, María breaks up with Buckner refusing to attend the dance even though their families are going as honored guests.

Meanwhile, an oblivious Manolo rebuffs The Teammates crew's accusations of him being the Were-Wolf, but accepts the truth when he witnesses Cassie expressing her own personality traits. At night, María informs Manolo of Buckner's plan. But seeing the moon rising in the sky above them, Manolo begins to transform and is left with no other choice but to send her away. Buckner and halloween wizard arrive on the doorstep moments later, but Kai and mates lures the Were-Wolf away with a female Were-Wolf marionette. However, his getaway plan is foiled when Buckner mistakenly fires upon what he believes to be the Were-Wolf, instead discovering it to be Kai and Mates are disguise. Buckner and halloween wizard imprison Kai and mates. Later, Darlyn and Lloyd looks through Jones's father's old yearbooks and sees a Agent who resembles Buckner's Ex-henchman. Believing that Allen Jones's son is Red Masque and that Jones is his son they rushes to the dance.

At the dance party, Jones reveals that he is in fact Red Masque and Buckner's henchman. During his previous confrontation with the Commander, the Pacifier, which is meant to turn its target into an infant, had malfunctioned, turning Luffy into a baby instead thus faking his suspected death. She has since waited sixteen years for revenge. With the help of Trump Siblings, they takes over the city and uses the Pacifier to turn the faculty and polices into infants.

When Darlyn and Lloyd arrives at city, she apologizes to Their Allies and teams up with their allies to try and save the day. The heroes demonstrate their heroism after Red Masque aspects sabotages the school's anti-gravity drive and their powers come in handy restarting it. Darlyn, meanwhile, discovers that she also has her ancestor's powers of flight when she is thrown off the edge of the city grounds and must prevent the campus from falling. Villains are defeated and arrested and the faculty and polices are returned to their proper ages, Darlyn and Lloyd are call from Kai and mates who subsequently escapes with help from Cassie and Darlyn decides to use The gift she had been crafting for the family anniversary as bait for Manolo who has burst in upon the gift Contest. Buckner uses up his last two golden bullets and takes the Golden Rainbow Gemstone award from María, as it is the only golden bullet-like object that he can find. Ascending to the rooftops, Manolo takes María with Joaquín and indirectly reveals his identity to her, but Buckner interrupts them and, after accidentally revealing his knowledge of the Were-Wolf's identity, confesses that he only wanted to court Naomy for her money.

Meanwhile, Wizard pursues Darlyn, Lloyd and Kai to prevent him from stopping His boss, both using toy biplanes and Darlyn's hoverbike, but wizard's plane is destroyed and Kai eventually drops him into a bouncy castle with Help of Darlyn and Lloyd. On the roof of Tottington Hall, Buckner wields the Golden Rainbow Gemstone trophy inside an blunderbuss and tries one last time to shoot Manolo who was protected by A Redeemed reformed Red masque who tries to stop him, but Darlyn, Lloyd and Kai saves them,by grabbing onto a rope from a flagpole and swinging her bike into the path of the improvised bullet with Little Helpers. However, the badly damaged Hoverbike rapidly descends when Kai accidentally lets go of the rope during hi five to Their allies. Jones sacrifices himself to save His friends, breaking his fall into the buffet tent below. Buckner gloats victoriously, but Grace knocks him out with a Hammer, sending him falling into the tent as well, where Manolo is dying of his injuries. Using the marionette to protect Them from the angry mob outside, Darlyn dresses Buckner up as the monster and the angry mob chases Villains away.

The Heroes tend to Manolo who seemingly dies, but morphs back into his normal, human form. Darlyn and Lloyd, however, is able to revive Manolo with the scent of Chocolate chip cookie Cupcake for jones (Who almost Dying of stabbing his body). For her gift's bravery, Darlyn is awarded the dented Golden Rainbow Gemstone trophy and, with help from Jones, Mayor turns Grimsborough Hall's front old party into a newly family Party anniversary, where Cassie and the rest of the wolves can live in peace.

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