During on Saturday, the Teammates Crew, The Agent of R.E.S.C.U.E and their allies find that the Firework from Grimsborough party is stolen by thieves. They chase after it and encounter the Kids Next Door, who plan on stealing and destroying the Sea stone Clock from Oceania City becoming the worlds greatest Fighters. They then encounter the Crimson Peak, a group of dangerous villains with their Leader, Queen Olca, who intends on becoming Queen of Flames. After David jones is kidnapped because of Kai is the King of Flames, the Teammates Crew journey to Oceania City and challenge the Crimson Peak to a great battle in Crimson Castle.


During a Saturday staying with wu and garmadon is filled with stories about Kids Next doors: worldwide group comprising thousands of kids who hate and against adult tyranny. They have their hands on: bubble gum, old wood, and spare tires that they use to fight adults. they wear suits to disguise and dress up as adult or teen, and they have child ages. Wu and garmadon gives The Teammates crew an insight into the world of the unexplained by describing the details that concern the memories she has about something that happened some 30 years earlier, when they was a young adult that surrounds another woman who was their close friend and befriend. That woman disappeared, having been targeted by a Female child, and for six weeks afterwards no trace of her was found, despite the efforts of police and local people. Then an image of the woman was found in a painting at her home, and as the years passed the Woman's appearance and position in the painting changed until she eventually disappeared from the canvas. Wu and garmadon continues the story and they mentions further when she had come close to a female child themselves, they had the experience of losing one of their friend's Lockets because of the child, although they does not explain how this happened.

After Darlyn and dianne's Parent are going to business trip, Wu and garmadon takes their students under their wing and they move to Grimsborough in a nice English city in the countryside. While crafting in the treehouse and Building Their Item, Kai has his first encounter with a kid when a strange girl in Kids next door's Uniform walks up to them below the treehouse. She seems friendly towards them but as he takes a closer look it appears she has child ages and he realizes that the girl must be a Kid next door. She persuades The teammates crew to come down and take the candies, gums and the chocolate from her purse. The situation makes Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole feel scared especially when she mysteriously knows their name. She aborts her attempt to lure The teammates crew away when Jones comes outside looking for them, encouraging them to come back inside with them.

On Grimsborough's Anniversary, Jones Takes his friends to Beach. Meanwhile, the Teammates Crew and their Allies on the beach. Kai walk to Darlyn and Lloyd sits on a large rock by the ocean, winding up a butterfly toy, while Zane does pushups with large bags on his back. Jay play a volleyball to fight cole. María and Jones Lies sunbathing as Manolo comes up to jones, undoing his Trunk pant and massaging his back Joaquín fight Manolo over them. Emmet and friends runs up and sits down in the sand as Kai looks at the Fireworks, noting how cool it is. Sir Slicer notices that the Firework is starting to taken away, and Emmet and Sir slicer freak out. Kai tries to stretch out his fishing rod to reach it but stops short of reaching the bow before his rod retracts. The gang are then left on the beach yelling at the thief to give back the firework.

The movie begins with the Teammates crew and their Allies are shown cramped on a small paddle boat to chase the thief wearing clothes for wedding ceremonies as their regular clothes were stolen with the Firework (except The teammates crew, who was wearing their kimono outfit along with Kai's Eyeglasses). They come across a woman struggling in the water, and Cole dives in to save him. However it ends up being a trick as all of the Teammates Crew and their Allies ends up getting captured by a net, lifted up and out of the water. They are brought down on the deck of another ship, where a child in a uniform stands. They introduces Themselves as Kids next doors as Former Candy Hunter Introduces themselves as Heinrich Von Marzipan and his twin sister, Henrietta Von Marzipan as the teenage woman introduces herself as Annabella, and they are the Kid next doors. They declare they will become the greatest fighters in the world and steal the Sea Stone Clock from Oceania City, which María explains is one of the greatest artifacts in the world.

Darlyn asks Numbuh 1 about the Firework, which he replies was taken by the Crimson Peak. He shows the wanted posters of James Voodoo, Aphro-Dyte, Per-Sephone, Knightbrace, Tiger General, King Sandy, Nurse Claiborne, Mandrake, his son, dagda and Queen Olca to them. They then find a fleet of ships coming toward them, the fleet of the Crimson Peak. In the crow's nest of one of the ships is Aphro-Dyte completely taking a bath. James Voodoo then jumps out and declares that their queen, Queen Olca will become the Queen of flames. James Voodoo and Aphro-Dyte order an attack, so the knights of the Crimson Peak start leaping down to attack the Heroes. The Heroes manage to fight them off, but James Voodoo himself leaps down, Use a scary souls and becoming a big spooky Souls.

Kai places his eyeglass on Jones's tie as he gets ready to fight. Stan Pines and his wife, Athena declares their plan, "Running is Winning", and has their boat flee from the Crimson Peak's fleet. In the chaos, the Kid next doors lose a small box, so Numbuh 1 leaps into the water after it as Annabella whacks Stan in the head to stop him. Borodo retrieves the small box, but Aphro-Dyte arrives, standing on the front of James Voodoo's group of souls as surf board in the water, and James Voodoo hurls bombs at the boat, blowing it apart. James Voodoo and Aphro-Dyte kidnap Jones, as she is a great villainess, and throw another bomb to make their getaway. Darlyn and Lloyd sinks below the ocean's surface, but Manolo and Joaquín manages to retrieve them.

The remaining Teammates Crew, Lover Teammates crew and their allies huddle aboard the wreckage with the Kid next doors, with Numbuh 1 deploying a parachute as a makeshift sail. Cole blames Numbuh 1's going after the music box for the reason Jones was kidnapped, but Numbuh 363 explains that it is the only thing Annabella has left of their hometown. A brief flashback shows how when Kid next door found Annabella, the lullaby of the music box was all that could calm her down. Kai asks if that means they are not families, but Numbuh 1 replies that they are allies even if not through blood. As they sail along, Jay spots a whirlpool, and Numbuh 363 says that it means they are coming close to Oceania City. On Oceania City, in a great castle, Queen Olca sits on her throne while two scientists named Sonia Cages and Ben whirlson explain the situation to her. They say the weapon of mass destruction she is having them build has spilled too much blood, but Queen Olca does not care and orders them back to work, as she will need the weapon to conquer the seas and become Queen Olca. Aphro-Dyte and James Voodoo come into the room carrying Jones, and Knightbrace looks all over Jones creepily. Queen Olca asks if Jones will be her groom, and he glares at her, so Queen Olca says that he is her type. Jones tells Queen Olca that he cannot stand ugly woman, so he offers to makeup, but then says that he hates bad hair woman more, doubting that Queen Olca could beat Kai. Aphro-Dyte and James Voodoo show Queen Olca the wanted poster of Jones's Noisy buddy, Kai, and Tiger General says that Zane must be with him too. Queen Olca declares that she will kill Kai and use her bounty to fund her wedding with Jones who Imprisoned himself for three weeks.

Meanwhile, the remaining Teammates crew, The Teammates crew and their Allies arrive on Oceania City and immediately start heading up the winding stairs to the town that is at the top. The way is laden with traps, though, and the stairs turn to a ramp as they start to slide down, water rushing toward them. Darlyn and Lloyd grabs on and uses their powers to stop them from being skewered upon spikes, and as boulders come rolling toward them Cole leaps from wall to wall, punching them away. Zane reaches down and tears up the floor so that they can walk up the path to the top. They arrive at Oceania Town, a fun place with Sea flowers everywhere, and a large tower, Crimson Castle, is in the center. At the top of the tower Jay can spot the Firework. The Other decide they will get new clothes and grab a bite to eat before rescuing Jones, much to Sir slicer's shock.

Manolo, Joaquín and María get new clothes for Naomy (who walk to Crimson Castle) that are much easier to move in, and the group heads into a sort of shop. Darlyn says Oceania Town is fun, but Sonia Cages and ben Whirlson at the shop disagree. They explain that they created the Sea Stone Clock, but ever since, they have been suffering since the Crimson Peak arrived. Ever since, they have been creating killing weapons instead. Numbuh 1 declares that the Teammates crew will defeat the Crimson Peak, but they object, as they have not agreed to anything yet. Jay says Numbuh 1 just wants this because the Sea stone Clock will be easier to steal without the Crimson Peak around. The scientists say it will probably be better if the Sea stone Clock is taken away. Darlyn then says that you cannot make a fortune without risking your life, so they decide to set out. As the group leaves with a Stranger and the other adults, the scientists find a music box on the ground, realizing that the girl was Jess Whirlson.

In Crimson Castle, Jones is Come out of prison then get frightened by Naomy who beat up by James Voodoo. Aphro-Dyte gets up and walks away, dropping off her body and turning into soul as she slides into a pipe. James Voodoo decides to go too, wheeling off down a rope. Outside, The Heroes are hauled up in a small basket along a rope, high above Oceania Town, toward Crimson Castle. Darlyn notes that the Butterfly on flower below look just like her butterfly, and she takes it out and finds it is broken. Annabella quickly fixes it. Suddenly, Aphro-Dyte forms before them, and James Voodoo arrives as well, tossing her body to her.

Aphro-Dyte declares she has eaten the 600 lives, and so James Voodoo throws balls at them. Cole leaps out to punch him away, but spikes protrude from James Voodoo's ball, piercing right through Samuel who Leap out of way. He screams out in pain as he starts to fall. Kai catches him only to drop him when Aphro-Dyte floods their airship. Samuel then falls and hits the ground, hard. A mine then nearly blows Samuel up. He is then quickly tied up by Aphro-Dyte and James Voodoo and brought to Crimson Castle. Samuel is dumped before Queen Olca and Jones, and Queen Olca says she did not kill Samuel because he is Naomy and Cathy's grandfather. Naomy proceeds to deny caring for him anymore. Queen Olca then sends Knightbrace to get rid of the rest of the crew.

Meanwhile, at the gate to Crimson Castle, the group, minus Samuel, has arrived and Annabella goes on about how if he was captured, Numbuh 1 would save him no matter what, and the others see that Numbuh 1 has a metal glove. This irritates Jay, who says that it does not matter at sea, and how he hates bad people who depend on others to save them. Kai then says it's time to get going, and he tells Annabella to stay behind if she's afraid. He uses Fire element Fist to knock down the door, and he charges in, but is quickly mobbed in fear by a huge group of Knights riding a Rodents. Zane runs in after him to help. Meanwhile, back in Trump Castle, Tiger General notes how Zane finally arrived.

Suddenly several henchmen, formerly under Dr. Phineus Phibes, arrive with the Cursed Cannon, which is now completed. They dance, proclaiming about how much better Queen Olca is than Dr. Phineus Phibes. Samuel apologizes to His granddaughter about how he could not do anything because he wanted to use only Jones's own strength to show off to her. Queen Olca interrupts, demanding what Jones's, fiancée, Naomy's relationship with her "fiancé" is, and saamuel replies that he "Force her to Marry Her fiancé". This makes Queen Olca angry, and after beating Samuel up declares that he will have Samuel crucified. Down below, Kai and Zane fight through the knights when Knightbrace arrives, standing on a tall pole. He points them toward Samuel, who is hanging from a cross up high outside the castle, and so he unleashes a cloud of Dentist laughing gas, gas that will make those who inhale it paralyzed. As The Teammates crew and The Lover Teammates crew's strength start to fail, Heinrich Von Marzipan turns to his Allies, declaring how brave he can truly be. Heinrich Von Marzipan scales the pole and grabs Knightbrace around the jetpack, holding the flap that releases the laugh gas shut, yelling for the others to go on ahead. Knightbrace becomes furious, trying to shake Heinrich Von Marzipan off, and Heinrich Von Marzipan has to put his mouth over the gas release to keep the laugh gas from coming out. The others see Heinrich Von Marzipan's diversion and so they rush on ahead as Knightbrace launches into the air with Heinrich Von Marzipan along. He lands on the balcony of Trump Castle, and Heinrich Von Marzipan collapses, filled with the poisonous laughing dentist gas. Queen Olca declares that Heinrich Von Marzipan will be crucified as well, and he is put up on a cross beside Samuel as Jones looks on in despair.

The Heroes rush up the stairs of the castle, fighting through the enemy Knights, but as they near the top they come to a chamber where the floor and ceiling close in on them. The Teammates crew struggle to hold it up as Annabella is knocked out, and Numbuh 1 takes Annabella to safety. Where the hat fell of of him Kids next doors's enemy, Father and his minions reveals that he was the one to steal the Firework, as he wanted to bring the Teammates crew to Oceania City. Zane blames it on Father's greed for the Sea stone Clock, but Father replies that he wanted the Crimson Peak defeated so the island could be free and Annabella could meet her allies, as Oceania City is the home.

Evil adults kidnap wu and garmadon (who arrives on Oceania City with their Friends) then rushes ahead to face the Crimson Peak, leaving The Teammates crew to their fate. Tiger General then arrives, drawing his gun and saying how Grace gave Him the scar he has across his face. Alex replies that he remember Tiger General, so Tiger General becomes angry, using Arrows of Blood to stick Them (Except The Teammates crew, The Lover Teammates crew and their Allies) full of needles. They falls to one knee, as the needles were tipped with Knightbrace's poison. She tells them to hold on a little longer as he draws the gun and charges at Tiger General, but a fence comes up in front of Tiger General, causing Grace to only slash it instead. Tiger General jabs his sword through the fence, getting Them in the midsection, and so he and his minions carries away Jones's injured Allies on the lift, where he is brought to Queen Olca to be crucified.

At the top floor of the castle, Jones's Allies hang bound to crosses as Queen Olca readies to Cursed Cannon to blow them all apart. She says that Jones must be overjoyed, but Jones aims a kick at Queen Olca, snapping how he'd rather die with his friends then marry her. Queen olca strikes Naomy across the face and strip Her Shirt and Bra, saying it can be arranged, and so Jones and Naomy are set up to be killed as well. Down below, Annabella wakes up to see The heroes struggling under the ceiling with the Little Helpers, asking where The adults went. Darlyn explains Father and evil adult went to fight the Crimson Peak, so Annabella runs up the stairs after them, much to The Teammates crew's dismay. Meanwhile, Queen Olca fires up the Cursed Cannon, but before she can fire, a large metal wall comes up, with Father and Evil Adults standing before it. They walks forward with dynamite strapped to wu's and Garmadon's midsection, and Father holds a lighter, ready to sacrifice the heroes's teachers for the island. Queen Olca only laughs, stepping forward as she says that detonating the dynamite will only destroy the island's key, which is below her feet, within the castle. If the island key is destroyed, the whole island will be destroyed as well.

Before they can react, Queen Olca starts tossing them around like a rag doll, knocking the dynamite off of wu and Garmadon. Annabella tries in vain to help them. As Wu and Garmadon hits the floor, Tiger General picks them up angrily after Wu and Garmadon corrects him on a misspoken word (Tiger General misspeaks many times throughout the movie). Annabella then tries to defend Them. Meanwhile down below, Darlyn sees that her butterfly toy, which Annabella kept after fixing it, is broken, so with great fury she pushes up the ceiling, forcing herself and Her Allies up and through the floor of the throne room where the Crimson Peaks are.

As everyone gapes in shock, Jones picks up a stick of dynamite, notes how cool it is Killing his friends, and lights it. Everyone freaks out for Jones to throw it away, so Darlyn tosses it to the iron wall in front of their Allies. It blows the iron wall to pieces, and Jones asks where his friends are, which the Kid next doors and the heroes's Teachers reply to that he just blew them up. However, their Allies emerge from the smoke, albeit somewhat battered. With the others now free, the Trump Siblings burst into action. Knightbrace chases Heinrich Von Marzipan up to the roof of the castle while Jay tries to save him. Cole and James Voodoo square off, and James Voodoo laughs that Samuel will not be able to punch him with his bleeding hands. Jay tosses down Cole's Element Blade to him, and Cole use them on, but James Voodoo refuses to believe they will make a difference. Jay shoots Knightbrace in the face with a Pepper spray shoot, and as Knightbrace goes down he tosses Zane's weapons and Element blade down to him. Zane catches them and barely blocks Tiger General s gun, who took a stab at his back. Zane stands in front of Jones and Naomy, defending them. Queen Olca and Kai begin their fight, as Kai uses Gun, but finds it has no effect. Queen Olca declares that her body is as strong as steel because she ate the 100 lives

James Voodoo use a scary souls to become a big spooky souls and charges at Cole, but Cole sends him careening into the roof with one punch with Element Blade. Cole leaps up and proceeds to punch James Voodoo several more times until he drives James Voodoo down through the floor, into the island key chamber. He again drives James Voodoo into the ground, and Cole stands victorious, flicking away glass sharp, as James Voodoo lies in a bloody heap. On the balcony, Zane tears off his Shirt, assuming his two weapons and element blade stance, and he charges at Tiger General. Mandrake and his son dagda appears, revealing they are "secretly evil", and chases Darlyn and Lloyd through the gallery for Stopping His master whilst Naomy is kidnapped by Per-Sephone to Kill Naomy Though Jones rescues her before they are surrendered by Per-Sephone Who punches to Death By María, They ended up Threatened by King Sandy who hit in his head with guitar by Manolo Who become Angry that he steal his girl, Nurse Claiborne tries to shoot them, But she is disintegrated With Sun light By Joaquín who blow her ashes. Mandrake and his son are disintegrated after jumping out of a pointillism artwork by The Little helpers.

Knightbrace declares to Usopp the power of his poison dentist gas, and he charges at him as Heinrich Von Marzipan pretends to be frightened. At the last second Jay fires his Lighting Strike, striking Knightbrace and causing a big explosion. They falls back into the pool below while Knightbrace is sent flying off into oblivion. Floating in the water, Jay yells that Knightbrace got what was coming to him. Kai uses Whip on Queen Olca, but gets all tangled up and is knocked to the floor. Zane and Tiger General trade sword swings, engaging in a fierce duel. Tiger General uses Arrows of Bloods once more, but Zane blows them back with his Ice and snow winds. He stands back up, and Tiger General says how he shouldn't be able to stand with all of the poison in his body. Zane replies that he cannot fall, because he faces a long journey and there is one man at the end of it for him to beat. Zane then uses Frozen Slashes and takes Tiger General down. Upon seeing the defeat that the other Crimson Peak endured, Aphro-Dyte flees, dropping her body and becoming soul again, heading into a pipe, but Jones grabs the pipe and pours Aphro-Dyte into a jar, which he and María screws shut and holds down.

Meanwhile, the fight between Kai and Queen Olca continues as Queen Olca's arm lights with fire made out of Rodents's Flesh. Kai grabs onto it but is singed. Queen Olca starts pounding Kai around, but Garmadon fires a missile from the Cursed Cannon at Queen Olca. Queen Olca is barely able to avoid it as it smashes through the window and flies out into the sky, landing in the water with a great explosion. Wu says that his next shot will not miss.

Queen Olca becomes furious that wu and Garmadon are using her cannon, so she pulls a gun and fires it at them. Annabella leaps in the way and is shot in the chest, falling to the ground. Kai becomes furious that kills Annabella and throws Queen Olca through the wall, causing the entire top tower to tip and water to pour down. Queen Olca emerges, more furious than ever, and she climbs onto the Cursed Cannon and fires it at Kai. Kai catches the missile with his Element blade, twisting chain around and stretching chain way out into the sky, and so he pulls it back in, using Fire element Screw to drive the missile right into Queen Olca's chest. Queen Olca is driven through the floor and lands in the island key chamber, where there is a great explosion and the island key is destroyed.

Jones tosses Kai's eyeglass back to them as congratulations for defeating Queen Olca. Wu and Garmadon kneels beside Annabella and sees that Annabella's chest was protected by a sheet of metal under her shirt. As They carries Annabella to safety, the Sea stone Clock starts chiming. All of the Heroes and Their Teachers as well as Annabella recognize the sound as Annabella's music box. It is then revealed that the two scientists they had met earlier were Annabella's grandparents.

The former Heroes head back down out of the castle to the townspeople of Oceania City and meet the two scientists from before again. The scientists explain that Annabella is her Real name was Jess Whrilson and their granddaughter, and a brief flashback shows Sonia putting Annabella into the water, hoping that she will escape and survive.

With the key destroyed, the entire island starts to collapse, and the Ship falls from it and into the ocean. The people of the island land in the water and scramble into the boats as their island is completely gone, but they know it could not be helped and that they will rebuild a new island and a new future. On board one of the ships, Jess/Annabella is reunited with her grandparents, the two scientists from before, and she hugs Sonia. As the Heroes sail in the Ship alongside Kid next doors in the small ship, Wu says that Annabella's grandparents are great people and that they's better off. Garmadon says they are glad to be on their own, because the Crimson Peak's treasure is all their now. However, Jess jumps back onto the boat, declaring that she will continue along with her allies, and so the Others are reunited, deciding to kept the treasure between them. Kai is patched up over himself, but are attacked by Queen Olca as soon as they arrive. As Kai and Queen Olca fight, the Giant Mouse rat (which created by Female child that wu and garmadon had said a story.) arrives, and they all freeze in place to keep the rodent from seeing them. Angela kicks the Kai's eyeglasses to distract the Giant mouse rat, but Queen Olca rushes for it, giving herself away and getting herself devoured. Kai manages to grab his eyeglasses as the all remaining character and the Little helpers run for the boat. Wu, Garmadon and their allies distracts the Giant mouse rat so the others can escape, but the Giant mouse rat damages the wooden planks Kai, his allies and Annabella/Jess are on. As Jess clings to the railing, the eyeglasses fall to the ground below. It's here the director is allowed to choose whether Kai goes to save Jess or his eyeglasses.

In Good Ending (Without Kai's death) If the director decides that Kai should save Jess, he pulls her up while the eyeglasses are crushed under the Giant mouse rat's foot. The Heroes escape the boat together. As they sail off, Kai worries how he will take care of his wife's Children without the eyeglasses would have brought him, but Jess manages to find a large case of money with eyeglasses in the boat, presumably the payment she would have received for the eyeglasses, implying that everything will work out in the end.

In Bad Ending (With Kai's death) If Kai goes to save the eyeglasses, however, he is eaten alive by the Rodent while The remaining Heroes escape the boat on a another boat, with the former deciding to return to their old job as a regular career so that she can be closer to Angela. She also mentions taking care of Kai's Pregnant Wife, perhaps even adopting her child on Kai's behalf as Kai screams wake up.

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