Two Kung Fu masters named Master Chao and Master Junjie visit the Mystery shack to check up on Stan pines. But when Master Junjie encourages Emmet to take a peek at their sparring, which is only for the presence of the three masters, it causes the downfall of Stan and his Employees, and Master Junjie replaces the Furious Five members and Emmet with a team of Guardians of galaxy snow leopards. When his friends turn their backs on him, Emmet decides to set things right and find out Junjie's plans. The Teammates Crew are the only person who can save Jones who was been cursed into blinded by A cursed spooky Doll called Bloody mary. One morning Sarah finds out she has gained a large lump on her forehead. She is worried at what the others will think so she keeps her lump a secret, but as each day passes she keeps getting more transformations. Eventually once her secret is out Sarah goes into space to find a new home that will accept her new appearance.


In the middle of the night, a small lion and crocodile escapes from a mysterious Zoo and enters the house of The Teammates crew, who are currently watch for Watch a Mission Impossible: Rogue nation. The next morning, The Teammates crew fail to notice the baby lion and crocodile chewing at their food and furniture, as well as their new Holy Water Gun, before they leave for work with their Little Helpers. While they watch A movie, Kai meets and fell in love with Gwendoline Rose, the Monster Fighter. She is the daughter of a late monster fighter and his wife, The Neighborhood of Smith Family, the Mentor of her Daughter and Mentee, Sally rose and owns her daughter's sinister doll named Mary, who runs a rustling scheme to supply the mall. After returning from work, they finally discover the lion and crocodile, who has wrecked their furniture and is covered in mess.

To clean them up, Kai puts the Lion and crocodile into one of the inventions; the Wash-o-Matic. Darlyn programs it to give a "Wash". However, the device unexpectedly becomes faulty and resets to "Light Clean", and proceeds to suck the Lion and Crocodile into the rest of the machine, give them a turbo wash and removes it fur and skin into a small garbage. The Lion and crocodile emerges from the machine shivering, despite being unharmed; Kai names them "Shaun and Jackie" (a pun on the word "shorn" Jacky) and dresses them in the Clothes, Mary spies on the scene while hiding in a drain and after they leave, she sneaks in and steals the design blueprints for the Wash-o-Matic.

The next day, The Teammates crew are visit outside Gwendoline's shop, and They pays Gwendoline another visit. the next day, Sarah's happy life suddenly takes an abrupt turn for the worse when a large lump pops up on her forehead ... and that is just the beginning. Sarah asks Gwendoline, who dismisses the lump as a zit. As the days pass, her body begins to develop new mutations, making her feel horrible because she fears that she is turning into a monster. She more and more shies away from her friends and hides her new deformities under heavy clothing.

Then the Teammates Crew quickly receive an emergency call about A giant Rodent, who is ripping up a stadium in search of a nourishing sewer pipe. When the Teammates crew engage him, they get defeated one by one, until Sarah reduces the mouse rat monster to human form. Then, Giant rodent grows back to a mouse rat monster with green eyes and the ability to spit acid. The acid washes Sarah's extra clothing off and shows the mutations. Sarah then imagines herself being laughed at by everybody (Expect Darlyn, Lloyd, Ginger and Elf). Ashamed and humiliated, Sarag leaves City in tears. Thinking that she now has no home to return to, she attempts to find aliens whose mutations match her own, but in each attempt she is met with fear and revulsion.

As Sarah flies through an asteroid belt, a Captain Monkey like a Gorilla named Captain Gutt follows her, knowing the mutations are signs that the Little Helpers will become a Crystal for Sirens, the Sirens's delicacy. Finally, Starfire lands on a seemingly gravity falls city. She meets a Huge frog that eats her and spits her out in disgust. Back on City, the other Teammates crew, worried about her and realizing they should've taken better care of her, While they are at At Ravenwood's shop, Jones waited tables and was shown to be unusually depressed. After despairing how he was no longer the Sin fighter, Darlyn explained to a curious customer that the Guardians of the galaxy had also lost their positions as warriors of the Mystery Sack, and were reduced to work as entertainers for children's birthday parties. Furthermore, Stan Pines had disappeared and had not been seen for days. Emmet retreated to his room to unhappily sit and reflect on the events that lead to the present.

Weeks prior, he and the Nine had been rehearsing for the "Presentation of the Seven Forms" by performing the "Pyramid of Fortitude", which required the Five to create a balanced pyramid together, on top of which Emmet would be balanced. In the practice of this form, however, Emmet caused the pyramid to topple with his own addition of a one-handed spin. Stan was displeased by this, insisting that the form had to be carried out in the traditional manner, as it was to be performed for Masters Chao and Junjie of the Sacred Onyx Council, who once trained alongside Stan under Oogway. Stan stressed that the quality of the presentation would be a judgement of his abilities as a teacher, and that his students must not do anything to embarrass him (stressing this especially to Emmet).

At that exact moment, Chao and Junjie suddenly arrived, and Emmet greeted them, displaying his fanboy mannerisms, which left the two masters less than impressed. Chao then stated to Stan that it was time to partake in the Masters' Ceremonial Sparring. Emmet was eager to see this, yet Stan insisted that he was not yet ready to witness it. Disappointed, Emmet left to sulk on the stairs, where Junjie assured him that he should be allowed to watch them spar, as he was the Sins Fighter. He offered to leave the door open for Emmet to peek in and watch. That night, Emmet sneaked to the front doors of the Mystery Shack to witness the masters sparring. After a silent, meditative moment, Stan, Junjie, and Chao all launched into the air on streams of colored light, and sparred rhythmically in the air and on the ground, much to Emmet's fascination. At one point, however, Junjie broke the rhythm of the controlled sparring to deal Stan a brutal kick to the chest, earning a reprimand from Chao. After a brief, snide remark from the red star lord, Junjie continued to attack, and noticed that Po was watching the fight from the door. The fox then startled his fellow masters by performing the Golden Lotus Clap a move that, if viewed with open eyes, blinded any who witnessed it.

Stan and Chao looked away while Emmet was blown back from his perch outside the door, and instantly found himself completely blind. Unaware of this, Chao told Stan it was time for his students to perform the Presentation of the Seven Forms. The Five quickly reported to the Hall of Warriors, and Sir Slicer, unaware of Emmet's condition, dragged the sightless emmet in with them. Under the scrutiny of the masters, the Pyramid of Fortitude was performed flawlessly, until Emmet, unable to see, ran in and ultimately wrecked the entire presentation. The masters quickly figured that Emmet had been blinded from spying on their sparring match and, once Emmet's eyesight was restored with the Golden Lotus Clap, Chao berated Stan on the inability to maintain discipline among his employees. Despite Emmet's protest, Chao reluctantly announced that Stan was no longer fit to be manager of the Mystery Shack, and demoted him on the spot.

Emmet tried again to defend his boss, which prompted Stan to scold him for questioning Chao's decisions, and he dishearteningly accepted Chao's judgement, leaving the palace and ordering his students to do as Chao and Junjie commanded them. Before Chao departed, he announced Junjie was the new master of the Jade Palace and that Emmet and the Five were bound by honor to obey him. He claimed that he would restore the Mystery Shack to even greater glory than it was before. As soon as Chao left, however, Junjie bluntly gave Emmet and the Nine the command to "get out". Nine leopards quickly appeared at Junjie's side, and he smugly remarked that Emmet and the Nine have been replaced and were no longer needed. Emmet again tried to protest, but the Emmet were intent to keep their promise to Stan and remain obedient to Junjie, and left quietly without resistance. Before walking away from Emmet, Sir Slicer rebuked him for disobeying Stan's orders and essentially ruining everything they had all worked their lives towards as warriors, finally stating that she and the rest of the Nine were "through with (him)."

Back in the present, Emmet ruminated on just how much he had messed things up. In hopes of cheering him up, Darlyn sent Emmet to take an order delivery to the Mystery Shack. Emmet complied, though as he neared the palace with his delivery, he overheard a conversation inside. Peeking in through the door, he noticed that Junjie had been busy redesigning the palace's interior with motifs of him defeating Stan with wu and garmadon, and he himself saying how he was going to destroy Stan. Furthermore, Stan was being held prisoner in the catacombs beneath the palace with Wu and garmadon, and Emmet barely avoided being caught by the leopards when Junjie heard him at the door. Panicked, Emmet's hurried back down to the Valley and explained the situation to his friends. Though he tried to convince the Guardian of the galaxy to help him, they refused to hear him out and angrily rejected Emmet.

Despite The Teammates crew's worries, Emmet decided to save Him himself, and headed back to the palace. After sneaking into the main hall, however, Junjie discovered him. Emmet prepared to fight Junjie, telling him he was going to bust Stan out, yet both were surprised when Chao, who had come to check on Junjie's progress, appeared, now aware of the fox's treachery. Chao was quickly brought down with a barrage of arrows to the back, and Emmet hurried to help the lizard master, which distracted him long enough for Junjie to knock out the star lord with a kick to the head, Wildstyle and her friends attempts to investigate what Junjie is doing, but accidentally ends up getting framed for the Their allies and is captured by Junjie. Lucy and her friends handed into the authorities and sentenced to life in prison with Emmet while The Teammates crew finds ravenwood's shop overrun with lions and Crocodiles. Gwendoline tearfully visits to tell them not to Use a bloody mary anymore out of their concern for Emmet.

The Teammates crew visit to Jones's Potion Room, Ticket lady asks The Teammates crew to test an instant bath serum that makes the user sweat cleaning agents. However, it ends up being unbearably spicy. Afterwards, Mouse announces the Arrival of the Jones's friends, who arrives, believes that the Jones is in "unacceptable condition," and asserts that he will take Find the curse until the Inspector Agent not unblinded because "He is blinded" to find new Member for replacement. Though Darlyn protests, The curse apparently has this right. Being the creation of A cursed spitting doll named Bloody mary from a deadly grave, he assumes the right as the next rule to the end, having been created for the sole purpose of fulfilling royal duties if Jones himself became unable to do so. A high-strung, strict, overzealous, and true to the name and memories, individual, he sentences members of the castle staff to the prison with little to no provocation. The Teammates crew realize that because David Jones is now blinded, When a flashback who jones but a ring for his fiancée, Naomy king when he accidentally drop the ring rolls into the grave, where Ticket lady and becky walk to Grave as they Sees Jones is watching a Mirror then revealing Bloody mary come out of mirror and Scaring Jones into blinded so Jones turn around as he screams in agony and pain, scaring Ticket and Becky in frightened. Back at present, The Teammates Crew learn how jones is blinded because realizing four ninjas should've taken better care of Jones's Mentees, Kai attempts to talk Darlyn and Lloyd into fleeing the country. Gwendoline, Sally and Mary arrive and round up the Lions and Crocodiles, whereupon the former confronts the latter after seeing them threatening Shaun and Jackie, demanding that Mary put an end to her rustling. However, Mary turns against Gwendoline and Sally and locks them in the truck with the captured lions and crocodile (including Shaun and Jackie) and drives away. Meanwhile The Teammates crew Finish and modify the Ship for space travel and set off after her, tracing her route through the cities she has visited.

Meanwhile, The teammates crew had gone to find the Guardian of the Galaxy, who were still working their birthday party gigs. He explained to them what had happened to Their Allies, and though hesitant at first, they were eventually persuaded by The Teammates crew and themselves to help Emmet, While The Teammates crew run to Mystery Shack. Back at the Shack, Darlyn and Lloyd finds Emmet woke in the catacombs and found himself chained up along with Wu, Garmadon, Chao and Stan. Darlyn and Lloyd apologized to their master, and Wu and Garmadon apologized as well, telling that they had returned to face Junjie after pretending to leave the palace, but was defeated when Junjie released his leopard students on them. He also admitted to Darlyn and Lloyd that if they hadn't been so hard-put to follow tradition, perhaps they wouldn't have found themselves in this situation. After this, Darlyn and Lloyd quickly came up with an idea and performed the Golden and Rainbow heart Lotus Clap, which allowed them to break Emmet's own chains, but also blinded Them yet again, as they had forgotten to close their eyes in the process.

Up in the main hall, Junjie and his students felt the pulse from the clap, but were stopped from storming the catacombs when the Hereos showed up and engaged them in battle. Junjie ordered his leopard students to take them while he escaped to the catacombs. Finding Darlyn and Lloyd blind and freed from their bonds, Junjie attacked the stumbling them, after which Darlyn and Lloyd got the idea of dousing the torch in the room, plunging both him and Junjie into complete darkness. However, Darlyn was able to smell where Junjie was due to the garlic chow mein he'd delivered to the palace the previous day, and used this to gain the upper hand over Junjie. Up above, the Heroes managed to dispatch the leopards, and raced for the catacombs to help Darlyn and Lloyd, finding him and a chained Junjie on the scene when they arrived.

Later, out in front of the Mystery Shack, Chao restored Stan as manager and Wu and Garmadon as Master, and expressed the gratefulness to Darlyn and Lloyd for teaching them that "sometimes doing the right thing is more important than following the old rules". She departed, unceremoniously kicking a bound Junjie and his leopard students down the stairs, and proceeding to take them to Chorh-Gom Prison. Darlyn then bragged that he had actually managed to teach Wu and Garmadon something, suggesting this meant he would get more respect from now on. Wu and Garmadon responded by saying he now respected Darlyn and Lloyd so much that they wouldn't insult him by fixing their eyesight for them. Alarmed at first, Darlyn and Lloyd claimed they could fix it themselves, Junjie Suddenly revealed to be escapes and Kidnapping Jones with his students, But they are stopped by Felicia and her Friends who Found A Cursed mirror Jones had found earlier. Jones was surprised in shocked that Darlyn was not Afraid when it came to spooky Object, mirroring how Her former Allies, Teen titnwas surprised and shocked when Darlyn demonstrated undeniable bravery during the events of Season 1, But it revealing Junjie is the one who was gave a mirror by Crimson Order who force him to curse them. A Flashback, How Crimson Order deliver a mirror to Junjie to place on Grave, While Jones walk to Mirror. To his horror, he finds himself staring at her instead of Naomy's ring, who is nowhere to be found. When bloody mary scare him that he will never Find a Ring, he leaps from the Mystery Shack in despair and is blinded by the thorns below after Being curse By bloody mary. To The Teammates crew's Horror that jones becoming blind.

The Teammates crew modify the ship with Garmadon, wu, jones and the little helpers, Meanwhile, behind the bushes, a Captain gutt, possibly the same one that followed Sarah in the asteroid belt, spots Sarah. Gutt turns into its humanoid form and floats over the lake towards Sarah. She explains the Transformation to Sarah, who replies that Junjie merely turned age for three weeks ago. Gutt says that each Little Helpers has a different form of Transformation. Sarah was one of the few that would become a crystal.

Soon, a crystal forms around her. When the Crystal has almost completely formed, Captain Gutt reveals his true form. As the Half Monkey gorilla and Half Siren about to complete, gutt and the sirens tells Sarah to scream as it whets the Siren's appetite.

But before for the Sirens to be able to devour Sarah, the other Heroes arrive and interfere. Naomy arrvies with her friends Finds Jones was now blinded then Naomy run to him in Tears The moment Naomy's cry tears makes cure to heal Jones's eye as Jones can sees now, Jones frees his Little Helpers from her cocoon and shows her that she has reverted to her former appearance, though with one improvement: jones can now make a Rainbow golden heart apple called Shrink, Normal and Giant Shifter. With Darlyn and Lloyd's new ability after feed Darlyn and Lloyd with An Apples, Darlyn and Lloyd attack Captain Gutt and Sirens back to the ocean, where they are chased away by the flesh-eating frog Sarah had met earlier. With the reassurance that the other Heroes will always be jones's friends and Mentees, no matter how much he blinded on the outside, The Teammates crew overhear Gwendoline pleading "Let me out! You're not going to turn Lions and Crocodiles into Item!", thus revealing Mary's true intention: to slaughter the lions and crocodiles from the thefts in an attempt to secure his own brand of items for profit, even if it includes murdering Kai's neighbors in the same manner.

Heroes give chase on their motorbike and Jones's car, hoping to save Gwendoline, Sally and the animals and clear their name. During the chase, the sidecar The Little helpers rides in separates and heads down another road before flying off the edge of a cliff. The Little Helpers saves Themselves by activating the sidecar's ability to turn into an airplane, and flies after Darlyn's Hoverbike and the truck. Both their attempts to stop Mary, including Elf and Ginger using the Holy water Gun, fail, and Mary traps Heroes in her truck. The captives are taken into Mary's factory, where Mary has used the stolen blueprints to build a giant replica of the Wash-o-Matic machine, much to The Teammates crew's objections. The captives are loaded into the wash basin, with Shaun and Jackie escaping, and Mary pulls out the nozzle to suck them into the Wash-o-Matic.

As Heroes fight against the suction, Shaun and Jackie activates neon advertisements, revealing the factory's location to The Little Helpers, who then flies in and attacks Mary with the Holy water Gun, Elf fight Mary back. Shaun and Jackie are then able to pull the nozzle away to suck Mary into the Mirror, which Ginger programs to give a "Close Removal melt" on Wash-a-matic to destroy all mirror. The Heroes must destroy all the mirrors but fails to destroy last Mirror, during the Breaking the glass mirror, bloody Mary revealed by Ticket lady to be a malfunctioning "Ghostly Corpse bride" created in ritual by Crimson Order leader to curse the world of Polices, but for some reason has "turned out evil dead" breaks out of the mirror with her fake gold skin melted off, revealing her corpse form. Unable to see after being wrapped in a gauze made out of her fake Gold skin, Mary blunders around and accidentally loads herself and The Little helpers onto the conveyor belt of his "Mutton-o-Matic" mincing machine. Kai's attempts to turn it off end in all of them getting loaded on (except Shaun and Jackie). As they all fight against the conveyor belt, Shaun and Jackie swings over them on an anvil and knocks Mary into the machine, where she is destroyed and her remains are turned into gutt's own food.

At the end of the film, The Little helpers are exonerated from all charges of the thefts, Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole has rebuilt Mary back to the human self he used to be with an antidote, and Gwendoline and sally stops by to thank them. However, when Kai invites her in Mall to have sex with hentai, he learns that she's Scared of Stranger who tried to murder Gwendoline, much to Kai's dismay ("Not even Then Our childhood Allies or my Angela William G. Smith|Ex-wife Gonna kill you if i'am The Husband?"). What's more, Shaun and Jackie has been hiding in the Kai's Wedding Gift and despite being ordered by Wu and Garmadon to go for them, The Teammates crew ignores them all, While Jones Become frightened by think the lion is a cat.

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