Darlene Maylee "Darlyn Mae". P. De Guzman is The live action tomboyish main protagonist of the series.

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Darlyn is a former rookie thief pirate (later, teen titan member) whose salary is $1200 per month and known for her cheerful, energetic personality and her love of competition; specifically sport playing and reading, she will read anything and playing her doll puppet barbie and badminton tennis.

Darlyn is ninja whom. She is also portrayed to be very innocent as a child, because of growing up in Mount Paozuand not having met anyone other than her grandparent until she meets the ninjas. During her childhood, a recurring gag early in the series is that she is incapable of telling the difference between a male and a male without physically touching them, which often gets her into trouble. Notable of these occurrences are in the scene where she removes Kai's underpant/underwear while he slept and is horrified to discover that he had no testicles and later when she first meets Ellen shephard and she pushes her and david jones off of the Flying Hoverbike after jones patted her genitals with his foot. In addition, during her youth, she seemed to not understand the concept of pornography, as when Kai discovered secret stash of porn magazines with Darlyn nearby. she forced Monster carrot to go to the moon and work, yet as he might have brought Monster Carrot back to life when Ramirez destroyed the moon with the MAX Power.

It is often teased that Darlyn is scared of jumpscares, when she claimed to have phobias and fears (as joked by upon Darlyn's refusal to sleep or slept and woke or wake "She's scared of the one thing that's stronger than a bravery pirate!") Darlyn is shown to suffer from severe Coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns and jokers, but this only occurs in the all series. She showed her fear for them twice in all season, and three times during Nightmare Memories. The first time was after her battle with Sandra, and when she was taken to Ninjago Hospital. The second time she showed his fear of clowns was after the fight with Sandra on School, while she was on her way to recovering in a Medical Machine. In Nightmare Memories, it was shown when Darlyn, Lloyd and others brought an Unnamed Alien to planet Pital. The second time, during his first battle against Bloody Clown, she was blasted into Sugoroku Space, where she witnessed a hologram of Mathew that threw a gigantic needle at her. Lastly, Darlyn showed her fear after learning from Zapper that the Four-Symbol rainbow heart and golden heart was coming out of her forehead, worrying that she would need a shot.

During his fight with Overlord, Zapper states that he does not mind being nude in public and has demonstrated a lack of shame at various points in first series such as when Mary Chumworth gave him a bath and again when Darlyn showed her testicles to disguised Hasky (after zapper mistakenly thought she was referring to his testicles when she was actually referring to the Rainbow heart and Golden heart they was carrying by jones). This fact is also supported before going for a swim to find a Gems on ship, during which she watch zapper takes off his clothes in front of The Teammates crew, The Lover Teammates crew and others without hesitation or embarrassment. Zapper also gets upset when Mary tells him to put his clothes back on, Darlyn refusing to go swimming clothed.

Darlyn enjoys finding strong opponents and fighting with them. Even in combat, Darlyn is shown to not be invincible, as she has two major weaknesses. The first weakness is butterflies and moths; before she get hurt herself prior to the Kimono suits, Darlyn hurt her eyes when butterfly or moth goes to her face. The second is her unfathomable appetite; not only does she eat at a rate that would be nearly impossible for a normal Human, but if she does not get any food, she becomes too weak to do almost anything. This weakness was never overcome, and almost got her killed against several enemies. On the flipside, however, Darlyn's love for candies, chocolates and bubble gums/gumballs has gotten him out of trouble several times; for example, in the Frogs and Toads, when Kai put to sleep by Mojo, Jones was able to save Kai's match by screaming to him that dinner was ready, to which Kai immediately woke up to break to save/rescue Angela with help of Darlyn.

From his mid-teens to early thirties, Darlyn became a famous senior student, with several reporters being amazed that Martin Ivan was a friend of her. the defeat of the Shadow Bossess and thousand years post-hence, Darlyn is once again revered as a hero and a giant statue of her is displayed in the World Martial Arts Tournament stadium, as shown near the end of Final Series.

Darlyn can be cocky at times, this is especially notable in the years, but later was humbled by Beerus due to him being on another level of power than him. Her cockiness continue, where - believing she has completely being critically injured.

Darlyn is discovered when Jones is divorced, as mentioned by himself in Frogs and Toads when he claimed that his ex-wife, Charlotte, always wanted him to see a psychologist because of the stress being a police officer caused. The couple eventually got divorced after Charlotte realized she could not handle the risk his job entailed. Darlyn also had a grandfather who, she claims, was afraid/scared of butterflies and moths.

Darlyn hates being nude/nudity and naked, as implied by herself in all episodes respectively. She dislikes villains who either get in her nerves, make excuses to deceive her, or seek to earn special treatment from him as a vehicle to receive pardon for his suspicions. Besides that, she loves song music, burgers, french fries and sodas, is interested in magic, and her greatest weaknesses are butterflies and moths. She is allergic to aircon, and also hates the smell of poops and pees.

As a child, Darlyn wanted to be a pirate and was also interested in becoming a artist and crafter, but couldn't become either one, although she did successfully become a teen titan member. Apart from that, she loved to play in playground, collect toys and cards, and was a fan of taylor swift and even owned her ponytail band. Also, Darlyn often used to get lost in the forest and her parent thus had to make up scary stories to keep him away from going back there—such as making up a evil cat like dog called "hell vs heaven!", which still scares Darlyn in his adult age. Oddly, Darlyn also wanted a barbie dolls and puppets when she was a kid, and admitted that she even reads the "K-Zones" magazine and She also likes to go to school.

As a young student, Darlyn used to work at a luxury cars, and also worked as a washer at an upscale restaurant some other time in her life.

Darlyn told by Kai may have practiced S&M in his past. In Christina Get it!, Jezabela seems to recall a time in which they spent together. For some reason, Kai is not eager to tell this story or explain whether or not he knows Jezabela and her club.

Darlyn is also noted to be a fan of the rockstar band called Lone Roses and the University badminton tennis team, as showcased in Christmas friends returned respectively.

Darlyn is afraid of Jones's temper when she tired of Andre and Aron bullied her, while draw to swap Jones as Ninjago and Kai as Criminal Case. When it took by Andre and Aron, in which Jones notice the drawing that he want to harm her. It from Deviantart Prankster.


At age of 5, She has black-brown pigtails. She has a purple torso with butterfly on it with sleeveless.

At ages of 12 (Later, 13 and 14), She has black-brown ponytail hair/long-short hair and a head with same like her father's face and wears glasses which switch her identity. She has a pink-rainbow torso with ninja suit variants and pink-rainbow sleeves arms and black-rainbow hands gloves. She has wears pants with skirt on it. Darlyn has sword and several weapons as accessories.

At ages of 16 and 18, She wears adult pink-rainbow variant ninja suits. Darlyn has several weapons as accessories. In addition as a result of, Darlyn Grown to 15 years old from the Darlyn's College until grow to adult in into trouble making. As a result, she grew her hair long then wear glasses.

At ages of 21 and 29, She wear hair pin on her head with female version of her father. She wears adult pink-rainbow variant ninja suits with all badges. Darlyn has several weapons as accessories. As a result, she cut hairs to short.

At ages of 31 and 33, She wears adult pink-rainbow variant ninja suits. She had hair long. Darlyn has several weapons as accessories. As a result ages of 1000 in lego form. She wears rainbow kimono and rainbow legging with the skirt filled with decorations.

Notable Event of SeriesEdit

Early LifeEdit

Darlyn was born in 2001 then introduced to Kai as her brother and Lloyd as Rival in the very beginning of the series.

In Stolen Memories, Darlyn had a dreamscape nightmare. When Sarah windmill who cursed Darlyn into order to harm them, due to Darlyn afraid of clown which no longer then shorter. In Rise of the Rainbow heart, Darlyn had no sign of fear of butterflies and moths, after she obessesed with butterflies and moths before rainbow heart ninja by being bravery pirate ninja.

In Christmas friends, Darlyn and Lloyd revealed by Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole that ever since he was 8 years old, he always felt uncomfortable whenever he used to go to the local hospital. Kai's friend, Christina Walter's father and mother, Kirby and Lisa, knew Kai ever since he was a young boy and did not like him for some reason (probably because Kai never returned the money in time). For example, when the team went to search place for the first time, they ordered Darlyn not to touch any of things.

In The end, learning about Eren with the memory is erased turned child by browser, Darlyn mentioned that he used to be a pirate who defeat when she was a toddler, and stated that these kinds of things (namely adults) would never happen back in the days and that things were much simpler at that time.

In Christmas friends retuned, Bruce Banner (a person/people whom Angela was afraid of hulks ) tries cure Kai so that villains would get defeated by heroes. Tony stark took Bruce's opportunity to recover Kai. As a result, Kai became extremely monster alien and could not do further investigation. Kai was then replaced by The Little/Big helpers, a tiny or large christmas figures. After Hulk rescuing and saving them, Tony handed them the antidote to vemon which then fortunately recovered Kai.

During the events of Ninjas' first day, Gru overheard Darlyn picturing Lucy, as the one behind Request and Quest. This infuriated Gru, who then got mad at Kai, thus shouting him out with his full name: Kyle "Kai" sesame x. Smith.

In Addition to the game, the citizens of Grimsborough filed complaints against Jones for being rude to them. Chief Samuel King stated that the case was too serious for him. As a result, Jones had to be temporarily replaced by Darlyn, become for the Grimsborough PD.

In during the event of Jones and the hope of fears, Blood and Bleed Gangs (a group of villain who rob Kai's Clothes and element blade) harmed Kai so that he unable to fight them. The gangs took their opportunity to scare with duck when the ninjas went to give fight against duck. As a result, Darlyn and Lloyd became extremely injured by the end of Part 1 and could not do further investigation. They was then replaced by Wallace, an inventor and his dog, Gromit. After visit to Bagges's house, Muriel handed them the antidote to the injuries which then fortunately recovered Darlyn and Lloyd. Also during the discovers, emily asked the them to give Jones her secret book of recipes, and the map to island of the blood and bleed land, so that Jones could restores Kai's memory and Darlyn and Lloyd arrives to defeat the aliens and monsters. and also enter the Dog and Cat Pageant competition with them. Darlyn then took part in the competition with Pinky and Om Nom, and surprisingly won with Jones and others. Before having a buffets.

In Zapper's first day, Principal Darlyn learn that zapper was boyfriend to her. cause Mary become jealous then became girlfriend.

In the Nightmare Memories, Darlyn is transformed to ponytail while Mary shrunk/shrink by an accidental wish made by her old friend, Pythor the Rainbow and golden Heart gems while Pythor was about to wish to take over the world. Darlyn, Lloyd and Others travel the universe to search for the Rainbow and golden Heart gems and return them to Earth. Here, Darlyn defeats the evil Tuffle Bloody Clown, Super Android #17, and the evil Shadow Bosses. Her final challenge is against Demon King, who he destroys using the Sins. Darlyn, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd and Jones leaves with the original form of Shenlong, but not before saying their goodbyes to their friends on Earth. She then appears 1000 years later at the next martial arts tournament as a lego figure, where she watches a battle between Darlyn Lloyd, her descendant, and Athena, Dianne's descendant. An elderly Zapper sees him, but she quickly departs. Darlyn is then seen flying into the air, grabbing onto her Rainbow heart sword, calling for the Flying Hoverbike and finally flies off into the distance while yelling, "Until we meet again on thousands years! "

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