Darkthings are a kind of creature created by Purplebrick333. Feel free to use her concept, but add any alterations in a separate section.


Darkthings look like regular humans/minifigures, but have gray skin and red eyes. Their hair is usually dark in color. They are very powerful fighters, but will vaporize with exposure to a beam of light. A pale glow will not destroy them but will keep them away. Darkthings can possess elements, but it is not common, and they cannot have the elements of Fire and Light, for rather obvious reasons.

Even before their time under the rule of Deorc, they were usually up to no good, and are considered to all be evil.


Nobody knows for sure when and where they originated, but it is believed that they were once normal humans who were trapped underground for a long time. They have never been very great in number, but have a significant population, but are so tight gaining the loyalty of one gains the loyalty of all.

A man by the name of Deorc used this to his advantage, gaining the friendship of one called Raxxon and making the Darkthings his army.

Notable DarkthingsEdit

  • Raxxon - Leader of the Darkthings after being recruited by Deorc.

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