Darkly Oktan is the former owner/headmaster of Darkley's Academy for Bad Boys in Shroob12's universe. He was the founder of the school who served Lord Garmadon by teaching the little brothers, half brothers, sons, nephews, and cousins of the Doom Clan members. He is also in charge of kidnapping people in slave trades and turning them into Doom Drones. 


Early HistoryEdit

Darkly was a therapist for Delinquints until he founded Darkley's Academy and started slave trades in Palmtroplis and kidnapped his recruits and traded them to Lord Garmadon to be turned into zombified criminals and terrorist weapons.


Darkly soon began to tire of his wealth, power, and fame. He then thought of the potential Zane's design could have if mass-produced and began to draw up plans for the first Doom Drone. he kidnapped a runaway urchin and turned him into a Robot Ninja with one eye and turned his male friends into zombified Doom Drones.

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