The Dark Elements were the polar opposite of the normal Elements. Some include magma (opposite of Fire), Division (opposite of Gravity), Stripting (opposite of Amber which allows one to rip the power from another without getting any themself), snow (opposite of ice), rust (opposite of metal), sand (opposite of earth),rot (opposite of nature),slowness (opposite of speed),gas (opposite of smoke), salt (opposite of water), dark (opposite of light), rubber (opposite of lightning),silence (opposite of sound),adaption (opposite of form),time (opposite of energy), undead (opposite of shadow) dream (opposite of mind)and etc.

The Dark Elements are controlled by the Dark Army, a rogue army of evil Ninja who left the normal world of Ninjago and went into the Cursed Realm to raise a massive army of mindless zombies. They soon were unleashed into NInjago when the portal momentarly reopened,that is until new elemental master's were created and they decided use these evil power's for good.

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