This story takes place in a totally different LEGO Universe, a totally different Ninjago. In this "Ninjago Dark Dimension", the ninja are evil and the skulkins protect Ninjago. I will eventually release more stories about this. Have Fun!! Oh, and -- Skele....GOOOO!!!

Chapter 1Edit


The Great Devourer

Long, Long ago...

Garmadon and his brother Wu were training. Garmadon slashed at Wu with his staff, but Wu blocked it. He tried again, and this time he managed to disarm Wu. The sword flew over the roof. "Now look what you've done," said Wu, "We better go get it before father finds out." The two boys walked to the bush where Wu's stick had fallen. Garmadon reached into the bush, but his hand quickly retreated. "SNAKE!!" shouted Garmadon. The small green serpent lunged out of the bush and bit Wu, then slithered away. little did those two brothers know that those two bites had doomed Ninjago forever.

Chapter 2Edit

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