Daphanie (Princess Cre Lu-Mi)
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Ninja Ally, Alien Princess


Lloyd (Fiance), Misako (Mother in Law), Lefou Garmadon (Father in Law), Wu (uncle in Law), First Spinjitzu Master, (Granddad in Law), Mrs. Brewer (Foster Mom in Law), Mr. Brewer (Foster Dad in Law), Unknown Mother, Unknown Grandparents


Jessica DeCicco

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Daphanie Garmadon (Princess Cria Lu-mi) is a Mallorean Alien and the Granddaughter of a Mallorean King. She is Lloyd's Girlfriend who helps him save the world like a normal person to prevent him from dying because of his destiny. 


Daphanie was a Mallorean named Cria Lu-Mi who was sent away by her mother and Maternal Grandparents who were dcendents of the Malleorean King. Daphanie was in an orphanage ran by Laney's widowed mother.

Daphanie was introduced by Laney to Lloyd when there was nobody his age in the gang.


  • Spinjitzu of Fire - Daphanie has powers of Fire like Kai and can strike like a boss.

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