Cyborg Ninjas                                                                  Edit

This is a point where the ninja, now all human and working for a private military company called Striker Maverick Inc., were fighting evil cyborg clones, and lost. In the fight they all lost their left arm and eye. So they all took a reconstructive full-body conversion. Using cyborg pieces and elemental enhancers, they were turned into cyborg ninjas. Their elemental baldes were crafted to fit any situation, with the ability to be commanded by their owners' will. Now they're out, to hunt down their evil forms. They each have similar arsenals. What the elemental reaper form is they throw their current weapon up in the air. While their weapon is flying, elemental energy surrounds the ninja and makes them look similar to the Grim Reaper. The transformation is complete is when their weapon lands back in their hand, supersized and skeleton-like. They also have special robots hunters in a form similar to their armors, but the size of the golden mech and indestrucable. Lloyd just gets a modified version of the golden mech.

Kai gained the following items:

Fire control

Fire Reaper Form

Fire multi blades

Indestructable fire armor

Jay gained the following items:

Lightning control

Lightning reaper form

Lightning multi blades

Indestructable lightning armor

Zane gained the following items:

Ice control

Ice reaper form

Ice multi blades

Indestructable ice armor

Cole gained the following items:

Earth Control

Earth Reaper Form

Earth multi blades

Indestructable earth armor

Lloyd gained the previous equipment of the other ninjas, but fused the stuff into one set of equipment.

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