Jay and nya the hedgehog s by sammiethehedgehog13-d5gzctj

The new ulitimate Ninjago series. The series start when the ninja need to go in the past to stop Sensei Wu from being kiddnapped. At the same time, in Planet Mobius, Sonic is trying to go in the future to save Sally from marrying Antoine. They time travel at the same exact time and bash together in an unknown time never seen before. They then create a world called Hylpa. The ninja are the only people living there now. No animals. No people. Just them. Except one thing...the ninja are hedgehogs/ninja!!!

Nya and JayEdit

Nya and Jay find this very romantic for some reason and are always flirting with each other. Jay and Nya are so concentrated on love; they are no longer part of the team because they no longer fight. They just flirt.

The NinjaEdit

They have no idea what to do, so they are always focused on surviving.
Ninjago sonic style by sammieslim-d4w8kow

The ninja in their hedgehog form!

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