This element is not canonical, and the author is willing to permit any additions, including to the lists of users and powers.

Cipher is a fan-created element in Ninjago. It is an digital and machine based power associated with the color dark green. It is in fact, a sub-element of lightning.

Other namesEdit

  • Technopathy

Powers Edit

  • Machine manipulation - The user of Cipher has control over nearby machinery able to make it move and function in accordance to his or her will.
    • Powering/Depowering - In addition to commanding nearby machinery, it can supply power to machinery enabling it to run or act like an EMP removing power from machinery and forcing the target machine to shut down.
  • Jolt - The user of Cipher can also release weak green electricity to attack and electrocute targets. Unfortunately, it is weak compared to standard lightning though.
  • Remote hacking - The element Cipher allows the user to hack into cyberspace and break through digital security with ease. It is done automatically and time depending on the cyber security. Remote hacking also requires continuous use of Cipher and no interruption from the user in order to work.

True Potential Edit

  • Techno mastery - All the above abilities are increased exponentially. But most notably, the user gains machine specific telekinesis to alter merge, or dismantle machine parts into whatever they deem fit including other fully working machines. In machine created in this state is automatically powered and particularly powerful machines induce levitation from the user during the creation process.


  • While Cipher is a very powerful element, it relies on machines for most of it's abilities and power. Without machinery, it is reduced to weak electrical jolts.
  • Some things can be shielded from certain abilities. For example, Depowering might not work on something with an advanced surge protector and Hacking won't work on well protected robots such as Zane.

Users Edit

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