Chromoly is the Master of Metal and ally of Li Wei, he appears in The Beginnings by an Anonymous user.


Chromoly was at first shown to be pompous, self centered, dishonest, overly confident, and self perserving. However, after his encounter with the Elder Beast and Li Wei saved him he realized he had let his wealth and love for attention go to his head and he returned to his previous personality of humility, honesty, bravery, and chivalry.


Chromoly had thick black hair that he styled in a fancy braid or ponytail. He had a pencil thin mustache, a goatee and silver eyes. He was described as short and stocky, implying he was muscular. As Lord of Metalonia he wore elaborate capes and bedazzled outfits. 



Chromoly was an amazing blacksmith, the greatest in Ninjago according to Li Wei. He could craft anything out of any metal.


Chromoly was the first Master of Metal, an element that suited him well.


After losing his right arm to the Elder Beast, Chromoly's sword reformed into a prothstetic arm. This arm is fully functional and it has strength of a normal person increased ten-fold.


  • Chromoly's name, like most of the citizens of Metalonia, is an actual type of metal: Chromoly the metal is a type of steel commonly used on cars, bikes and drills  

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