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“Are you sure that isn't just my brother? He, well... Stinks, figuratively and literally...”

— Chloe about her younger brother

Chloe is a character created by MasterGarmadon102. Please do not edit or use without their permission.

Backstory Edit

Chloe Paige Moisson was born into the Moisson family, known for their dark magical abilities, which she inherited from her father. Her mother (which she didn't really know, as she died when Chloe was young) had light magic, which has also been inherited by her, although she wasn't aware of this until 'Chloe's Return'.

Before her corruption, Chloe was a ninja herself, being a master of dark magic. She was in a team (The Warrior's Guild of Ninjago) with her family, with her father and older cousin, along with other warriors not within her family. When she and the Warrior's Guild defeated a powerful demon, Chloe absorbed it's some of its power (wearing Paige's necklace) and slowly became corrupted by it. A year after this occurred she was completely corrupted and began her quest of evil. Shortly after this she fought Jayden on top of a volcano, which she later fell into, burning her outfit and leaving scars all over her body, which healed rather quickly. Over the span of three years she fought various battles with the newly reformed Warriors Guild of Ninjago, and she fought her final battle and with help redeemed herself. However she didn't trust this would last and sent herself to the Departed Realm to keep her from becoming evil once more.

She only stayed there for 7 months, as her brother Jayden resurrected her, in a bid to give her another chance. Chloe objects, but doesn't send herself back, instead returning to Ninjago City as 'Paige Brooklyn'. This alias is short lived as Ethan later discovers her true identity, thus provoking her anger. She was defeated, and after having her evil drained away she was redeemed again. Chloe, unsure of what to do plans to run away, but Master Gerald, her grandfather convinces her to stay and train at his dojo, with the help of Ethan apologising for his hateful words to her in the past. Chloe ditches her old staff for a new katana, creating it with her magic.

A year later, she seems to have settled her debts, until her greatest enemy makes a return, killing her father. She is forced to fight her brother, who believed she was the one who killed their father. Eventually Master Gerald kicks her, Jayden, Katie and Natalie out of the dojo, but shortly after letting Chloe and Natalie back in, knowing what had happened. They later search for Jayden and Katie, resulting in another encounter with Draven. This ended in Chloe losing her left hand, and they met again later on, this time resulting in her demise.

She returns again three years later, meeting her twin sister Naomi, whom tried killing her, twice. She failed both times, although coming close to doing so. Whilst Naomi showed a strong hate toward Chloe, she still saw good in her. Naomi was killed by Megami, which left Chloe in grief. Shortly after she reunited with her older cousin Natalie, along with her other siblings.

Chloe could not accept the loss of her sister, becoming rather irritable. She did not want to tell anyone about Naomi until Chloe lashed out, admitting what she had been through with Naomi. From that moment she remained irritable, and it only grew worse during the search for her evil uncle Draven...

Personality Edit

Pre Corruption Edit

Before her corruption Chloe was very close to her family, not often being away from them. She was very happy around them, but the loss of her mother left her only to look up to her somewhat strict father. Chloe was shy during this time, and always tried her best to remain happy, that was, until her corruption...

During Corruption Edit

Main article: Magical Corruption

During her corruption, Chloe grew distant from her family, in an effort to prevent herself from hurting any of them, however she remained close with Natalie until she became too out of control... Chloe developed a hatred for her father and her brother eventually, when she got close to becoming completely corrupted she began lashing out at them, eventually attacking them. After her apparent death, her corruption was complete. She became cruel, vengeful and evil... Much like her enemy Draven (who she killed). Even when Chloe realised that her magic healed her, she still wanted revenge, and went to extreme methods to get it. Deep down she still had good, which saved her from letting her younger cousin die...

Post Corruption Edit

Chloe was emotionally unstable when first resurrected, and wanted to live a life of her own away from her family. Eventually she decided to venture out into Ninjago again, only to be found again by her brother and younger cousin. She became angry and overwhelmed, making Chloe attack them, perhaps drawing out her corrupted side again. Afterwards, she had her corrupted side removed, and gradually she got better, until her disappearance... She isolated herself from everyone for years, not ready to show her face again. Upon meeting Naomi, she began opening up again, even showing off her powers. However, when she discovered the truth about Naomi, she felt betrayed, but somehow still saw good in her.

Appearance Edit

Pre Corruption Edit

Before her corruption, Chloe had long, blonde tousled hair and blue/grey eyes. She wore a three-shaded blue Gi, and wore a necklace her mother once owned.

During Corruption Edit

Main article: Magical Corruption

Her corruption not only drastically twisted her personality but also her appearance in various stages.

  1. No physical changes occur until evil starts developing inside her.
  2. Eyes begin flickering purple while fighting evil growing inside her.
  3. Skin begins turning pale.
  4. Eyes are permanently purple and skin is deathly pale.
  5. Teeth become sharp.
  6. Receives burns from falling into a volcano and survives, but leaves scars and hair turns black.

Resurrected Edit

Upon her resurrection by her brother Jayden, Chloe's hair turned blonde again, but initially still wore her old and torn Gi, but later gave herself a 'makeover' after deciding not to return to the Departed Realm. Since returning her hair had grown longer, so she re-did her hair into a bun tied with purple chopsticks with her bangs dyed white. She usually wore a purple hoodie with a pink shirt underneath, also wearing a black skirt, long white socks and black shoes. Sometimes she did have her hair undone (but still kept her distinctive white bangs).

Post Resurrection Edit

Currently she wears a black and purple gi, similar to that belonging to Master Gerald. She has a metal left hand due to having her original hand sliced off by Draven in battle. Eventually however her skin grew over the top of it, and eventually it reverted to normal.

Abilities Edit

Dark Magic Edit

Her dominant form of magic she possesses. Dark magic is generally associated with the essence of destruction and allows her to throw powerful balls of it at an oncoming attacker, along with dark lightning. Bigger spells that cannot be memorised by her or that are bigger and require time and effort to set up need Chloe to use her spell book.

Light Magic Edit

A less dominant form of magic that Chloe possesses. It is the polar opposite of dark magic and is generally associated with the essence of creation. It's abilities are similar to that of dark magic, giving Chloe the ability to throw balls of light magic toward and attacker, but it can also give her the ability to create things of out nothing.

Demonic Magic Edit

The sudden consumption of Demonic Magic made her emotionally unstable, leading to her corruption. Despite being freed of her corruption, some of it still resides in her blood...

Spinjitzu Edit

Other than her magic, Chloe can do Spinjitzu. It is purple in colour, as dark magic is her dominant ability, however she has no known 'element'.

Weaponry Edit

Chloe is a versatile fighter and can use various weapons. She commonly uses a katana or some form of sword, although before and during her corruption she had a staff which she later destroyed before leaving for the departed realm. She makes a new katana after redeeming herself again, and currently is her primary weapon.

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