(Kai is eating his cheese, while Angela come to him.)

Angela: Hey Kai... let me draw a portrait of you.

Kai: A portrait of me? really? how sweet of you Angela (Naomy show Portrait of Kai the rodent to Him, Causing Kai in shocked).

Angela: Tada... it's you, you Look like a rodent.

Kai: Aaaaaaahhh Aaaaaargh, Holy Moley. What the Hell Fuck is that... you're not funny Angela I mean Angie, worst Portrait of me ever for good (Angela Gasp in shocked then she crying.).

Angela: Aw Smith! how could you be so mean to me, you're breaking my heart because it all your's Fault...

Kai: No, Angela don't be sad, I'm sorry i will make it up to you I begging of You please don't be Upset (Kai have idea) i know. What if i do the portrait of you too as apologize for my bad attitude about My fear of rodents while toward your wonderful drawing of you (Kai show Portrait of Angela with mermaid tail). There... I hope you like it, i think i got the legs right or should have i had them mermaid Tail.

Angela: Thank you, Kai I already deserve it for good (kiss Kai).

Kai: Uh ehehehhheh

The end?

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