300px-Heylin Members

The Heylin members are known Bureacrats.

The Bureacrats are a race of demons from the Island of Darkness who obey the Overlord. They are commanders of his evil Invectid Army.


Early history is unknown.

They were seen on a warship commanded by General Squidbeard.

Known BurecratsEdit

  • Prediking (Supereme Ruler)
  • The Sorcerer
  • The Sorceress
  • Heylin
    • Shadow
    • Chase Young
    • Jack Spicer
    • Wuya
    • Hanibal Roy Bean
    • Mala Mala Jong
  • General Claws
  • Cherell (just joined)
  • Cherell's army
  • Invectids
    • Coronal Helemt 
    • Invectid Trooper
    • Invectid Scout
  • Brainwashed
    • Kyria Garmadon
    • Hocka Pocka
    • Marcus
    • Pythor P Chumsworth (undead)

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