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October 24 2014

Song and Short

girl on fire song/web weirdo

That's All Folk

Porky pig


Eren save the fang blades


Hunger games

read to talk

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Darlyn, go on a journey with Dianne, for rescue Angela (who being kidanpped by a puppet of fear), after on darlyn 13th birthday and dianne 14th birthday.


The prologue start with darlyn sleep on her dream, in 7 years earlier, Kai is dating with Angela on movie,while Emmet and eren on the phone with Mikasa who is trying to advise Kai against doing this date with Angela because of finish her birthday. As they heard Angela screams and Kai is knocked in his head by the puppet of fear wanting to kidnap her.

The episode starts off with darlyn (age 4) having a dream in which she has fairy wings and is flying through a dark landscape, and there are several doors. She hears knocking on one but cannot seem to open it. She is soon woken up and comes inside to continue a sort of school run by Her parents. There, she watches a video about puppet of fear saying that the Puppet kingdom is doing just fine, despite obvious issues in the video, the most obvious being her enslaving the city's residents. She then strongly advises Her parents not to go there again. Her mom then unsuccessfully tries to convince Her daughter to go to the school by presenting her with two cupcakes, and convincing her to see why he should give one to Dianne.

Her grandfather decides to visit the perimeter of Castle puppets, which is heavily defended, with his two granddaughter. As they cloak themselves to prevent being spotted by puppet of fear, he tries to explain that them should help and free female people. A female person tries to escape the castle walls, but fails as she is spotted and grabbed by a flying puppet guard and taken to puppet of fear and rape. Darlyn decides to run away into her room because she wants to be free.

At nighttime, darlyn is crying and sleeping her bed, when she then has a dream about her parents having fallen off Darlyn sleeping carriage with horse that is fairy, who is ignoring her. The horse steps on a drop of ocean sand, which is Fear feaster in her dream. He talks to her, as she attempts to get him off it hoof. At the end of the dream, he screams "Too young!" in a manner similar to the same phrase by her parent. She wakes up, wearing a pajama,so dianne bring darlyn to ship to save angela.

On the ship trawler, the two are pursued by a flying Piranha. Darlyn, at Dianne's request, plays his violin, which makes a sour note and angers the ocean fish. Darlyn then plays her toy piano, appeasing the ocean fish, which the ship then lures into hitting a rock. Darlyn, while looking at gold coins falling out of the fish's carcass, thinks that she sees female people, and screams for dianne to stop the ship. After landing, darlyn looks more closely at the objects and determines them to be loot, She then asks darlyn if he would like to be her apprentice, and darlyn replies by ecstatically repeating that it is 'a dream come true!'

Darlyn later has a nightmare in which he is a marionette suspended by chains, singing the song she was singing called "want you gone" when she first appeared in "Kai journey to defeat." Walking, she finds a huge fat clown biting into a heifer. The heifer greets darlyn, and clown throws up chains to ensnare her. She tries to run, but she cannot move. looking up, she sees puppet of fear pulling the strings. She wakes up and, after talking with her grandfather about her nightmares, she decides he must go back to Castle puppets and help female people.

The ship drops darlyn and Dianne off in the Puppet Kingdom, and darlyn and Dianne walks towards the fort while it begins to rain. They scales its wall,while set Angela free and give towel to Angela to put Kai's dragon and they are confronted by puppet of fear, who has put ear plugs in her ears in order to resist Darlyn's toy piano Understanding the situation, Bella claraline reaches out from Puppet of fear's prison and removes her ear plugs, urging darlyn to play her toy piano. Darlyn does, causing puppet of fear to explode. Darlyn and dianne are knocked out by the blast and has a dream in which she climbs up a stone spire to a bird's nest to be schools and sees the sun rising over a mountainous horizon.

Later, The doctor is sewing puppets back together from various pieces of dead bodies of dead woman, while Dianne plays her flute and darlyn stands beside them. She explains that puppet of fear will recover in time and asks darlyn if he could oversee the hospital while it's repaired. To both mom and dad surprise, darlyn declines and says she'll come back for her adoptive brother when she's tired of being work as nurse. After she leaves, Kai expresses his disappointment, and mentions that he had written a song for her. Jay,zane,cole and lloyd asks him to sing it, to which he embarrassedly replies that it's not that good, but after Their's urging he starts singing as the screen transitions to a scene of the future, presumably a seven years Later, Darlyn wake up on her dreams that remember now.

In epilogue darlyn (age 13) returns to the Ninjago city, though it is now devoid of life and in technology. Puppet of fear's old kingdom is similarly abandoned as she passes it, and the kingdom now broken into the pieces. Then passes along a bare landscape and finds a futuristic the puppet city, but no one is there. She slowly makes his way to the abandoned t.h.a, where she finds the bedroom that Kai had prepared for her untouched. She climbs onto the bed and smiles as she closes her eyes along with the teammates crew.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman (age 13 & 5)

Dianne Katherine P. de Guzman (debut: age 6)

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Angela William G. Dragson

Nya N. Smith

Kalen Alison E. Johnson

Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson

window sarah wu

Demonic queen/Bella claraline (debut)

De Guzman family

Puppet of fear (debut)

Unnamed doctor (debut)

Flying pirahna (debut)

Eren Yeager

Emmet Brickowski

Mikasa Ackerman/Yeager

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