Birth of Cure Angel for KarlyIsANinja! Give credit to her! ;)

Chapter 1: Walking at the Park Edit

Karly: It sure is a nice day out here.

Skylar: Yeah, it's very nice.

Bianca: So, um, what should we do?

Lily: Butterfly!!!

(The other girls look at Lily with confused looks.)

Karly: Yeah, what should we do?

Meanwhile, with the Joker of evil

Joker:Where is my soul heart?!

Tilly: Well master, there's a small problem...

Joker: What is it?

Barma: Well, master, we can't find the soul heart.

Joker: Well, if you don't find the soul heart, both of you will die!!

Tilly and Barma: Yes, Master.

Chapter 2: Come in Pretty Cure Heart Edit

Karly: What happend to me yesterday?

Leacy: Karly, what happened yesterday was great!

Karly: I'm a Ninja, not a Pretty Cure.

Lwacy: You're both, Karly. That's what makes you special.

Karly: No, it's not special.

Leacy: Do you want to be a Pretty Cure?

Karly: No!

Leacy: Karly, you have to! These monsters are too strong!

Karly: And I'm stronger!

Leacy: Karly, just give it a chance!

Karly: Why?!

Leacy: You need to be a Pretty Cure to defeat Joker!

Karly: Who is Joker?

Leacy: I'll tell you the whole story...I used to live in the Maple Garden. All the pixies were happy until one day the Death Joker showed up. He wanted the soul hearts, so he invaded Maple Garden. Cure Flower give me the pretty cure phone. The legendary pretty cures must defeat the Death Joker and defend the soul hearts.and I have to find the legendary pretty

Karly: What are soul hearts?

Leacy: They are the eight soul hearts that the Death Joker wants to catch. If he gets the soul hearts, then he will destroy the earth!

Karly: That can't be!

Leacy: please Karly? (does the puppy dog eyes)

Karly: not the puppy dog eyes!

Karly: Well...all right. Just a little bit.

Leacy: Thanks Karly, you're the best!

Karly: I said just a bit.

Leacy: Okay! (smiles)

Chapter 3: Cure Angel Edit

(at the park)

Karly: What's over there?

Leacy: I feel something evil here...

Tilly: Ha ha ha! Here is the first soul heart!!

Other Ninjettes: KARLY!!!

Karly: What's going on?!

Lily: I don't know, but it's bad!!

Bianca: Skylar is in danger!!

Lily: Let's go!!

Karly: You guys go ahead! I'll catch up soon!

(Lily and Bianca run away.)

Leacy: Karly, you need to transform!!

Karly: Alright! (transforms and gets her phone) Pretty Cure, shiny rapity (starts to transform) Mist of the clouds, cure misty!!!

Leacy: Let's go!!

(The monster roars.)

Karly: Pretty Cure misty cloud!!!

Tilly: What?!

Karly: Give Skylar back!!

Tilly: Whatever! She's useless!!

Karly: Sky, are you okay?

Skylar: I'm fine, Misty.

Leacy: I feel a Pretty Cure...

(Skylar is now Cure Angel. She screams in pain.)

Leacy: SKYLAR!!

Skylar: What?!

Leacy: Take the phone!

Skylar: Why?!

Leacy: No time to explain! Say "let's go Pretty Cure power!"

Skylar: Right! (transforms) Pretty Cure shiny rapity! (still transforming) Feathers flying in the air, cure angel! (screams) WHAT DID YOU TO ME?!

Leacy: Skylar, you're a Pretty Cure!

Skylar: Pretty Cure?

Leacy: No time to explain! Just fight!!

Skylar: Okay!!

(She shoots some Pretty Cure feather darts and misses.)

Skylar: What?!

Karly: Pretty Cure misty cloud! (misses too) What?!

(The monster roars loudly.)

Karly and Skylar: HELP!!

Chapter 4: Come in Sailor Moon Edit

Sailor Moon: Moon tiara, action!!!

(The monster looks confused.)

Sailor Moon: I fight for love, and I fight for justice! I'm Sailor Moon, and in the name of the moon, I will punish you!!

Sailor Sensei: We are the Sailor Senshi!!!

Karly: ...what?

(Skylar looks confused.)

Sailor Venus: Venus love and beauty shock!!

(The monster laughs.)

Venus: What?!

Sailor Mars: Mars flame sniper!!

(The monster roars in pain. Sailor Marcy and Sailor Jupiter attack.)

Sailor Marcy: Marcy aqua rapidy!!

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter hall everlution!!!

(The monster roars in pain again.)

Sailor Mars: Sailor Moon, do it now!!!

Sailor moon: Okay!! (attacks) Silver moon caytal power kiss!!

(The monster roars one last time before defeated.)

Tilly: This is useless!! (leaves)

Sailor Moon: Okay girls, we're done here. Let's go.

Karly: Wait!!

Sailor Moon: What?

Karly: Sailor Moon...thank you.

Skylar: Thank you for saving us.

Sailor Moon: No problem, kiddos.

Karly: And thank you, Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Senshi: You're welcome.

Sailor Venus: Sailor Moon, let's go.

Sailor Moon: Okay. Well, I got to go girls. Bye!

(The sailors leave as Karly and Skylar stare at them in amazement.)

Karly: (to Skylar) Don't tell anyone about this.

Skylar: Deal.

Karly: Let's go.

(The next morning)

Leacy: Karly, wake up, wake up!!

Karly: I'm up, Leacy!

Leacy: It's Sunday!!

Karly: I can't let anyone except Skylar know about you.

Leacy: I will keep hidden when pepole are around.

Karly: Okay, Lacey.

(Karly and Lacey smile at each other.)


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