Bergin Edit

Bergin, also nicknamed Berg is an elemental master. His element is Aether, sometimes but uncommonly referred to as space. With this element he has the power to shoot aether blasts, summon entities to do a small amount of damage, and also some other minor abilities. He comes from an area near metalonia (The canon home of Karlof), but currently is a redisent of a trading post city in the south of ninjago. His weapon of choice is the spear.

Appearance Edit

Bergin wears a brown shirt under a shiny metallic chestplate. He has a mustache and stubble, and he sports a Morion (The metal helmets that conquistadors and other 16-17th century soldiers wore).

Personality & Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Berg is a man of not much words. He talks, but he usually isn't very talkative. He's generally friendly, and helps fight criminals.

Biography Edit

Berg worked as a merchant for a long time before harnessing his elemental power. He was born to two parents of unknown names and origins. He lived knowing little about other elemental, until he got an invite to chen's Elemental Tournament. He arrived at the dock and met many of the elemental masters, but his time was cut short, as he was denied access to going, since he and a few others were the late, and Chen estimated less people would show up. They were rewarded with a to go box of their choice of food from Chen's noodle house and live coverage of the tournament battles, which didn't please him but there wasn't anything he could do about it. He knew there may have been something suspicious going on when clips were being cut off the live footage, and learned hat there was something more sinister going on when Chen invaded ninjago. Luckily the ninja saved the day. He got an apartment in ninjago soon after, and learned what happened one day in the noodle house talking to Skylor. He became a friend of Karlof, master of metal, and Turner, master of speed as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Bergin is often called Berg as his nickname
  • Bergin is not a ninja, and is just an elemental master.

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