That he is a robot, referred to as a "Nindroid" (a compound word combining "ninja" and "android").Austyn 


has a sixth sense, which has manifested in clairvoyance and an uncanny ability to sense what others cannot.



Weapons and AbilitesEdit

Austyn has the Golden Weapon a musical Icicle. Later won  the Sound Elemental Blade in the Temple of Light. And later earned his Music Techno Blade. As a Nindroid, Austyn has increased stamina and durability compared to his organic friends.He can also store data and calculate courses of action through a panel on his wrist.He has a control panel in his chest which he can open up, containing switches for Vision, Audio, Voice, Power, Memory, and Humor


Austyn is similar to jay hair, and color similar to zane. He likes to plan strategies for the battles
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Austyn's Spinjitzu

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