Asha Kemuri is the Elemental Master of Smoke, she appears in The Beginnings by an anonymous user.


Asha is described as tall and lanky. She has stormy gray eyes and silver hair--a trait of the Kemuri family. Asha wears a ninja's gi.


Asha is protective of her people and her country. She is brave, rash, and strong physically and emotionally. Asha is determined to uphold the honor of her family and often buries her emotions to appear tough. Behind her intimidating facade Asha is actually very sensitive



Asha's family, the Kemuris were credited with the creation of Ninjutsu alongside Li Wei. Since her youth Asha has trained to become the seventh great Ninjutsu master.


Asha is skilled in the ways of the sword favoring kantanas as weapons.


Asha is talented with knives and throwing stars--a must have for any ninja.


Asha quickly learned how to use her element and claimed mastery over it within a few weeks.

Trivia Edit

  • The word 'Kemuri' means 'Smoke' in Japanese