Argentus is the Elemental Master of Speed and messenger of Helena Purple, he appears in The Beginnings by an Anonymous user.


Argentus is honest, loyal, and committed to his job as a messenger for Helena. He has great respect for those of high military rank, Argentus has a good sense of humour, often using his sharp wit to his advantage. Argentus is determined and pushes himself to his limits in order to impress and achieve great things.

Appearance Edit

Argentus isn't necessarily tall, about average. He is muscular, yet lithe, just like most professional runners. He wears armour that marks him as a member of Helena's army. Argentus has high cheekbones and wide hazel eyes. Argentus had curly black silvery-purple accented hair that he keeps pinned away from his either through top knots, messy buns or slicking back down his neck.

Abilities Edit

Speed Edit

Argentus is the Master of Speed, an element created specifically for him. Speed gives him superhuman speed in running and jumping, as well as superhuman endurance and extra life force.

Trivia Edit

  • Argentus is one of Helena's closest allies, he served under Helena before her disappearance