Ares Lord of Destruction

Ares is the evil Greek War God and the true main antagonist of Ninjago: Pawns of Prophecy Season 1 and the leader of the German Huns that attacked during World War II.  He was sucessed by Clarisse La Rue, Jack's Evil Ex-Girlfriend.


During World War II, the German Huns were raiding Kinkow and plundering its kingdom. Master Johnathan and Ares fought, and Ares was imprisoned for treason of his crimes aganst the world.

He was reborn by the Nasty Nine to defeat Cherell and the Overlord from taking his planet. He was also the reason why Garmadon and the Doom fought the Serpentine.

He and the Nasty Nine members fought the Ninja and lost, revealing himself as Jack's Ex-Girlfriend Clarisse, who hated the Ninja and was mad when he dated Kyria Garmadon. She was Ares in the Dark Coffin and was really Ares when she was arrested.


  • Ares has the power of Nightmares and Anger.
  • He can also frame people.


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