"Apprentices" is a NInjago fanfiction written by A.J.B. that has been posted on, Instagram,, and Wattpad. The summary is as follows:

The ninja were already busy training Lloyd but Sensei decided to give them the new challenge of training the apprentices! Full of mystery, action, and plot twists, "Apprentices" has become quite popular on both Instagram and DeviantArt. The fanfiction takes place after episode 26 "Darkness Shall Rise" so Lloyd is still young and Garmadon still has the Mega Weapon.

The characters are as listed:

Head Canons:

Cole Brookestone 

Zane Julien

Jay Walker

Kai Flamey

Sensei Wu

Lord Garmadon

Lloyd Garmadon


The Serpentine

OCs or created characters:

Alison Quake

Maddie Frost

Brianna Boltin

Nikki Ashes

Will Garmadon

Spiders (Enemy)

Assassins (Enemy)

Tony (Alison's old master)

General Richard Ashes (Nikki's father)

Poison Dagger (Band)

Apprentices Website:

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