Anna is a Master of Life and leader of the Elemental Girls.


Her weapons of choice are twin sais.

Anna is a natural leader, being smart and creative. She is fearless and relentless, and has a very hard time giving up. Despite all this, she tends to be very laidback. She is very talented with her element. Before becoming a ninja, she was the guitarist and manager for her friends' band. She adores Mac, Sensei Chang's assistant and manager of base communications, but has no romantic interest in him.

Anna really enjoys fighting, usually drawing it out as long as possible, though she could zap the vitality out of her opponents and have it done. In fact, she has been known to re-energize her enemies to keep it going.



As a band member, Anna had medium-length strawberry-blond hair and green eyes, and wore street clothes.


After becoming a ninja, Anna grew out her hair and braided it. She normally wears a simple pale green gi, but after achieving her full potential, she received one with silver designs and accents.

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