Angela was a mermaid.
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Original Airdate

December 19 2014

Song and Short

what if song/Om nom sleeping.

That's All Folk



The titan Queen


New tournament

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The teammates crew will help Angela to turned into back normal, after she been cursed by dolltaki, stan uses his hecnhman named Sir Slicer.


The prologue start with Darlyn build a ship, when Finn asks about story of blood sins and darlyn shocked by that

A German secret document is stolen and Usmarte (Jean as Ugarte, depicted unnervingly like Peter Lorre), the actual thief, lures Eren into taking it. General Pandemonium (Candy king/turbo as Major Strasser) gets a frantic call from Foghorn Leghorn saying the secret document has been stolen, and immediately heads for the Carrotblanca nightclub---the Cafe Au Lait Americain.

Meanwhile pilaf lazlo (as Victor Lazlo) and his daughter Samantha Lazlo (Sam as Ilsa Lazlo) arrive at the hotel, while goku and his family (as z fighter family). Keith attracts the unwanted attention of Captain Louis (master Roshi) but she scratches him and throws him into the wall. Sam, who happens to be a new girlfriend of Eren, asks Finn and jake (as Sam) to play her favorite song. General Pandemonium suspects Sylvester may know about the document and binds him in his office. Sam pleads with Eren to help Pilaf out of this. Though Eren is initially reluctant due to the fact that sam broke his heart, he goes mystery shack and ask Stan about sometime so he call The knight and friends then arrives at the Mystery shack. They jumps from his horse onto Stan's shop, landing headfirst in the dirt. Darlyn then helps them up. The man then tells Stan that his name is sir slicer and that he came for helping from Sins. Stan tells his henchmen that he does not accept everyone.

Meanwhile, a woman name Katie pines (stan's daughter) who save the a orphan child from the killer. She then quickly fleas the scene. The killer chase them and fire their guns, but their aim is way off. Katie then throws a grenade, destroying one of the killer cars. Katie then prepares to shoot the killer car, but at that very moment, she sneezes. This turns her back into a sweet, innocent girl. The killer then got out of their car to murder them.

Coincidentally, The heroes ventures to the house in search for stan's daughter for her father. They hears the innocent girl yelling for help and he then goes to check things out. When they arrive, The teammates crew defeats the two killer with ease. After the rescue, They decide that she would be good for Stan and he scold Katie for running away from them.

They goes to the General's office nevertheless and confuses the General himself into jail, while they sees a toxic like acid called blood sins who capture Angela. Blood sins then finds them and the heroes assail is they are enveloped in a massive heat ray. Angela runs to her friends, begging them to get up. Blood sins bids her farewell and unleashes another heat ray. She instinctively shields herself with her powers. Blood sins disparages her powers, states that she is "her creator, her master" and that she exists only to serve him, and says that chils has no chance of defeating her omnipotent fear.

Angela starts to transform in more humanoid type like mermaid. She can now control the blood sins and throws them back to lava With sins gone, while teen titan join to save them while the heroes evacuate the island, but The preacher tells them that the lava acid, after absorbing Blood sins, will continue to spread until it covers the entire Earth. However, after seeing General Pandemonium trying to swim away from the lava, they notice that the lava turns to stone upon contact with seawater and ocean. They uses tornado of creation wave at the base of the island, causing a massive wave of water to flood the island and turn the lava acid to stone. Just then, blood sins suddenly emerges from the sea as a giant, but before he can attack, he too is solidified. Darlyn and lloyd blast him to smithereens, destroying him once and for all. General Pandemonium then emerges from the sea, asking for help. Katie offers, but in exchange for 100 million zeni for all the help she gave him throughout the episode. Fuming, General Pandemonium swims off.

The story climaxes with Pilaf and Samantha escaping on the plane for Toronto, New York City and Cucamonga, as Eren watches them go... except that they find Louis on the plane working as a steward. Louis asks Sam, "Coffee, tea, or moi?", causing her to jump out, seemingly without a parachute, landing right in front of Eren. They kiss, while eren's arm grown back then the parachute opens, covering them.

In epilogue, Angela is sad about a curse on her body when she hears Kai screams for help as they been arrested by sensei wu and taken to T.H.A.

The scene changes to The teammates crew lying down on prison. While There are many fireflies flying and suddenly, the shadow of Angela appears. She starts to sing, which helps the injured arm. Kai starts to sing with her unconsciously. When Kai notices Angela, he sees her as His mother, holding a sword (which would later become known as the Elements sword). As soon as Angela finishes the song, Their injured body turn into woods and grows into a great flowering tree and breaks. After ripping the remaining bark off, Kai sees a new digitalbox watch upgrade covered in blood. They flicks the blood off to see that their digital watch has created, and they starts to dance in joy. Sensei wu wakes up to see his student has wearing zx suit now, and she was happy for him. Finn notices Angela and flower falling on her head. The episode ends with Angela kissing the flower,while sensei wu screams.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

Emmet Brickowski

Dianne Katherine P. de Guzman

Angela William G. Dragson

Nya N. Smith/walker

Kalen Alison E. Johnson

Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson

window sarah wu

fionna mertens

cake whiteson

Karen Laura smith

Jayna walker

suzane Julien-Roberts

Colena Hence-Buckets

Sarah Windmill

Bella claraline-stronger

Teens Titans Crew

Hive Five Members

Katie pines (debut)

Orphan girl (debut)

The killer (debut)

Sir Slicer (debut)

Madame slient (debut)

Emperor Pilaf (debut)

Shu (debut)

Mai (debut)

Samantha "sam" Lazlo

Eren Yeager

Mikasa Ackerman/Yeager

Armin Arlert

the male agents of R.E.S.C.U.E

Pan (mentioned)

King rogue (mentioned)

Annie Leonhart

Keith Shadis

Dipper pines

Maple pines

blood sins (Debut)

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