"The cure for darkness... Is always light."

Allie is a character created by Sensei Purplebrick. Please do not use the character or alter the article without her permission.


When you first meet Allie, she is a rather shy but sweet, loving, and compassionate girl. Before long the shyness wears off and out comes a girl loyal to a fault and who can be a valuable support, physically as well as emotionally. To some she may seem perfect, but she can be rather sensitive and a little too trusting, and has a few insecurities she carefully hides underneath.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Allie claims to have poor practical skills, as cooking and gardening are not her cup of tea.


Allie is a master with her element of Light, as well as her twin katana.


Allie has blond braided hair, sparkling hazel eyes, and freckles. She wears a pale yellow gi with a white belt and edging, plus a white and yellow hood.


Allie was orphaned at a young age, but was soon adopted by a loving family. As a teenager she trained to be a ninja along with Keara.

The Light Meets the Dark (Spoilers)Edit

After completing training, Allie's friend Keara turned evil, joining with the enemy. Though shocked and saddened by this sudden choice, she never gave up on Keara and never stopped loving her, even after Keara killed their sensei. She ends up killing Lord Deorc by accident, intending to capture him and get to Keara. Later she was kidnapped by the Darkthings and brought to Keara as the master plan was unfolding. It was almost complete when Allie escaped and brought her friend back to the good side.


  • Keara - Even a turn to evil couldn't break the bond of friendship these two were bound by.
  • The Old Master - When the harsh world brings down Allie's spirit, her beloved sensei is there to raise them again. Sometimes, she gets to return the favor.
  • AaronThis lightning ninja came into Allie's life right after Keara tried to leave it. He strived to fill the hole in Allie's heart, but wisely backed down after seeing nothing could replace Keara. Or at least, he did eventually. Though not together as much anymore, the two still retain their romantic interest in each other.