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October 15 2014

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still alive/om nom naps

That's All Folk

Tragic witch


True potential & Nrg ninja


Unknown memories

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Darlyn and lloyd mysteriously receives a bag full of miniature versions of Their families, friends and enemies and experiments with their lives.


The prologue begins on a cliff (originally a pre-Mushroom War skyscraper) by a lake at sunset. There, darlyn and lloyd are discussing relationships, with Finn wondering whether it is better to date someone with a similar or opposite personality. Jake tells Finn that love is not all about compatibility and science, but more about the "pumps-'n'-bumps" of one's heart. Lloyd,Darlyn and finn then wonders whether the Ice King and BMO would make a good couple, which perplexes Jake.

As they talk, Trgaic witch spies on them, and decides to training them with her magic. Producing a small sack, he utters the incantation "Do as thou'st will be the whole piece of law," which apparently animates the bag's contents, followed by "I'm not coming back," which releases the contents of the sack from his power; she then tucks the sack into Finn's shorts.

While walking home Jake notices that Finn has something in his pants; misunderstanding him, Finn is embarrassed, before Jake points out the sack tragic witch left behind. Darlym reaches inside and pulls out miniature versions of herself,lloyd,finn, Jake,kai holding guitar, Jay and zane play, and Cole. Jake worries that this is black magic, but his worry is assuaged by Darlyn and lloyd, who points out that one of the toys is Kai and jay playing the guitar, while Zane and cole goes piggyback on him, Darlyn dances, and lloyd struggles to right himself.

The epsiodes begin on nighttime, Darlyn and lloyd cannot sleep, so she decides to play with the little people when she jealous, due to kai having sex with angela.

She starts to experiment with interactions of the little people starting with Alex and his guys, who wake up,when darlyn give note to him with plan to kidnap Angela, who shock for help and begin to captured so darlyn add him to the magic sack and find mini-gundarr,who save her and shoot them. Darlyn is surprised by this and decides to experiment some more. She then removes Them and adds him to the magic sack and finds mini-Horse.

Peering out from her bedcovers at a sleeping kai with mini-Horse in her hands, Darlyn looked apologetic for what she is about to do; when she adds mini-angela, the two of them ignore one another, with mini-Gundarr flexing his muscles, while mini-angela seems more content to screaming - however, Darlyn forces Angela into the arms of Gundarr, and they begin kissing.

Darlyn inserts mini-Claire, which prompts an argument in gibberish between the three and then She and Her daughter's breakup. Darlyn then upturns the sack to release all the little people, and an intense look appears on her face. With all different characters, the possibilities would be endless.

The next morning, Kai finds Darlyn with a pile of books by Stepen king, and asks Darlyn and lloyd if they stayed up all night reading them; in fact, Darlyn and Lloyd had constructed a world for the little people to play in, and the book he appeared to be reading had a heartbroken Kai curled up inside it.

Kai wonders why his miniature looks so lonely and asks Them to pass him mini-Angela, to which They replies that the two have broken up, and that Angela is pursuing a relationship with a "cool guy" - in fact, mini-Gundarr.

Kai becomes outraged when he sees Gundarr and angela dating - Darlyn and lloyd shows that they began relationships between a number of characters: mini-Marceline is shown repeatedly licking mini-Peppermint Butler, mini-Turtle Princess is shown spanking mini-Xergiok, referencing the real Xergiok's enjoyment of spanking the goblins over which he used to rule, and mini-Clown nurse is shown in a relationship with clown doctor.

Kai is confused and a little bit worried by Their actions, and announces that he is leaving to stay with Angela until he can get over what They is doing.

After Kai leaves, They sees mini-Felicia's dad was killed by gundarr, they sees mimi-oggy and decides to see how the two figures interact with one another. Initially, mini-Angela is shy, while mini-Oggy appears bored, until Darlyn gives lloyd's miniature a piece of her cookie, and moves him closer to Oggy; he shares the cookie with her, and they begin to chew on it together in a way that looks like kissing (since the real Angela and oggy cannot kiss) - Kai sees this and, heartbroken, begins to yell and weep melodramatically, before retreating into his book-house.

Lloyd puts in gundarr in the middle and makes her give mini-Angela a backrub, and the two figures begin kissing; this makes mini-Oggy furious, and they begin to fight, during which Gundarr sets oggy on fire. Oggy uses Felicia's tears as a hose as an attempt to extinguish Gundarr. Darlyn and lloyd looked at the battle and turns a bit red as if a situation like that happened, Darlyn and lloyd would have been the thing the guys were fighting for.

3 weeks later Kai returns to see the fort a mess as Darlyn and lloyd, still in the pajamas thye was wearing 4 weeks ago, reveals that they has ruined the little peoples' lives, showing Mini-Xergiok in pain from mini-Turtle Princess spanking him too much, Clowns nurse and doctor tangled up together, Mini-Marceline having eroded most of mini-Peppermint Butler from licking him, mini-Kai gazing into the distance atop a book (in mini-Kai's world, this book is the lakeside cliff where the episode began), Felicia still weeping over her and Lost her dad, and Oggy with an exercise addiction following her breakup with Angela.

Tragic witch appears to be promise nit to prank them,Kai start to get mad and attack them,when angela was screams in horror,that she think was afraid of villain,kai turned into hulk to attack darlyn,lloyd,finn,jake and the rest of them, sometime day late kai is all ready finish attack them,whiel kai is injected by wu.

In epilogue,In the Candy Kingdom's hospital, Darlyn,lloyd,finn,jake,tragic witch and the rest of the are recovering in full body casts when the Clown Nurses show up, much to Kai's horror, darlyn and lloyd screams and finn and Jake's delight.


Darlyn Mae p. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

Finn Mertens

Jake Whiteson

dianne Katherine p. de guzman

Angela William G. Dragson

Nya N. Smith/walker

Kalen Alison E. Johnson

Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson

window sarah wu

Emma Wu

Misako Garmadon

Fionna Mertens

Cake Whiteson

Land of ooo people (debut)

Skycable digital citizen

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