Shale with his two silver kunai

Neido Render


General Slithraa

Hello there

The Dark Warrior

The Dark Warrior



Lizaru, Spitta, Lloyd, and Mezmo walked into the battlefield. Jay spotted Lizaru, Spitta and Mezmo. Jay said" Stay back from Lloyd!" Mezmo said" We were jussssst helping find the Anacondrai!" Lizaru said" We jussssssst arrive and you think we are harming Lloyd! Slasher walked up behind Jay. Slasher picked up Jay. Slithraa said" He isssssss sssstrong!

A Purple Portal appeared in Ninjago City. The Anacondrai escaped from the Underworld. The Anacondrai arrived at the grassy field. Acidicus said" The Anacondrai returned!" Gnawer said" Sssssorry, to interrupt your planssssss, but after being locked sssssso long, we are going to rule Ninjago insssstead, thus thisssss the battle issssss now over!" Skalidor said" Your planssssss will fail, like Pythor's plan to releasssssse the Great Devourer, asssss he wasssss consssssumed by it"

The Dark Warrior said" We have to differences aside, for now!" Hypno said" You are sssssso right! Thesssse Anacondrai want to rule, when there issssss only three of them!" Lizaru said" Exactly, What isssss their plan?"

The Skulkin sharpened their weapons. The Serpentine assembled. Lord Garmadon, Acidicus, Slithraa, Skalidor and Fangtom held their weapons. Jay and Samurai X looked at the Anacondrai. Lloyd, Lizaru, Spitta and Mezmo twirled their weapons. The Mini Spykors started to chirp. The Fangpyre Machines checked their weapons. Crawler said" I would ssssay, we are now outnumbered!" Conda said" Remember, we can turn invisssssible! We have our own ssssskills!" Sensei Wu was curing Cole, Kai and Zane.

The Falcon was in the Caves of Despair. The Falcon was contacted by Sensei Wu. The Falcon was carrying Memory Tea. The Falcon was heading to Ninjago City. The Falcon flew over Birchwood Forest, then to Glacier Barrens.

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