General Slithraa

Hello there


Shale with his two silver kunai

Neido Render


The Dark Warrior

The Dark Warrior

Zane's dream

The Green Ninja

M Jay

The Blizzard Blue Ninja

Blizzard Blue Ninja

The second Blizzard Blue Ninja

Hypno said" I don't have for you petty arguementsssss, I have to aid the Serpentine at Ninjago City" Skales said" Isssss there a reasssssson you are heading there?" Hisser said" Why ssssshould I tell a coward my misssssion?"

Lloyd, Lizaru, Spitta and Mezmo walked down the street. They were near the grassy field. Lizaru said"We are almosssssst near the battle" Spitta said" I'll change into the Lincoln Green Ninja sssssuit!" Mezmo said" That isssss a good idea" Lloyd said" Come on"

Jay was ready to fight the Dark Warrior, Slasher and Hisser. Slithraa said" You will ssssshall not fight Slasher, Jay!" Slithraa said" I will fight againsssssst you, along with my alliessssss" Hisser said" Now, the duel beginsssss"

Hypno arrived at the grassy field in Ninjago City. The Serpentine cheered. Shale and Neido looked at the Serpentine. Nya got in the Samurai Mech suit. Acidicus threw his staff at it. The Skulkin ran towards it, and started to fight it. Lord Garmadon said" My plan isssss complete" Skalidor said" Slasher hasssss great ideasssss" Fangtom said" He learned that from hisssss trainer, Slithraa"

Jay looked at Slithraa, Slasher, The Dark Warrior and Hisser. Jay said" Five enemies against one!" Slithraa said" Your powersssss are limited" Hisser threw his spear. Jay ran past Hisser. Slasher threw two daggers to the grass. Jay continued to run, and tripped over the daggers. The Dark Warrior turned on a switch. Hisser said" What doesssss that do?" The Dark Warrior said" It is a ion blaster" Slasher looked on. Jay jumped up. The ion blaster fired eight lasers. Jay alerted Samurai X. Nya's suit flew over. Slithraa said" What do you call thissssss? You needed reinforcementsssss? The Dark Warrior said" I guess so"

Lloyd, Lizaru, Mezmo and Spitta turned around the corner. The grassy field was nearby. Lizaru said" Now the battle continuessss" Mezmo said" Get your weaponsssss ready" Spitta activated his laser blaster. Lizaru said" I sssseee you upgraded your technology!" Spitta nodded.

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