Shale with his two silver kunai

Neido Render


General Slithraa

Hello there

The Dark Warrior

The Dark Warrior

250px-Robot2 ep.7

The Bronze Robot

Fangtom was fighting Jay. Jay threw his sword at his foe. Fangtom threw his staff. Jay jumped up and kicked Fangtom to the grass. Jay said" Anyone else?" Skalidor and Acidicus slithered over, reading for a battle.

Hypno said" No matter what you sssssay, Skalessssss, you aren't any Sssserpentine General!" Skales said" You are sssssssssssuch a fool for favoring Ssssslithraa assssss a General" Hypno said" You are a coward!"

Lloyd, Mezmo, Lizaru and Spitta were in Jamonkai Village. Lloyd said" I sense a battle in Ninjago City" Mezmo said" We ssssshall head there now" Spitta said" Hurry, who isssssssssss battling anyway?" Lloyd shrugged.

The Dark Warrior fired a rocket at The Bronze Robot. The Bronze Robot fired a array of lasers. The Dark Warrior activated his shield. The lasers bounced off. Shale and Neido were fighting the Fangpyre Machines. Shale was hit back. Neido jumped and deactivated them. Slithaa charged up his honored weapon. Jay jumped over Acidicus and Skalidor. The Dark Warrior said" I'll take you, along with Slasher and Hisser"

Lloyd, Mezmo, Spitta and Lizaru walked to Ninjago City. Lasers were heard. Lloyd said" The battle is taking place where the Devourer was killed" Lizaru climbed up a building and looked at the battle. Mezmo said" What do you ssssssseee?" Lizaru said" Lord Garmadon, Slithraa, The Generalssssss, The Sssskulkin, The Ssssserpentine, Two Blue Ninjassss, A Dark Warrior, and Fangpyre Machinessssssss" Lloyd nodded.

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