Shale with his two silver kunai

Neido Render


The Dark Warrior

The Dark Warrior

General Slithraa

Hello there

Zane's dream

The Green Ninja

Lego ninjago-300

Sensei Wu and the Ninja

Lord Garmadon used the Nunchucks of Lightning to create a holographic image of the Great Devourer. The civillains ran in fear. Jay and Zane looked as Sensei Wu try to help Kai and Cole regain their memory. Zane used his Potential Power to shimmer the image. Slithraa used his honored weapon on Zane. Jay ran and caught Zane. Zane said" Why am I here?"

The Dark Warrior was scaling up a brick wall. The Dark Warrior scanned the area. A message flashed on his watch. It said: Come to Ninjago City, the battle hasssss jusssst begun-Acidicus. The Dark Warrior flew down and soared through the skies.

Shale and Neido sensed something. The Dark Warrior arrived The Dark Warrior activated a rocket. It launched, and targeted Shale and Neido. Jay shoved them out of the way. Lord Garmadon said" Good work, Acidicus" Acidicus threw his Staff at Sensei Wu. He fell, unconscious. Skalidor dragged him with his tail. Fangtom said" I'll handle the Blue Ninja!"

Lloyd, Spitta, Mezmo, and Lizaru followed the Anacondrai. The Anacondrai opened the Portal. Lloyd said" I know your plan" Conda said" Really? Then what isssssss it, fool?" Lloyd said" You are betraying us, and heading to Jamonkai Village" Mezmo shoved the traitors out of the way. Lloyd, Spitta, Mezmo and Lizaru jumped in the Portal.

Skales said" I am a great Hypnobrai General, you fool!" Hypno said" You sssssshould realize that you are the fool!" Skales said" Ssssstand down, I am your General!" Hypno said" You aren't any General, and allowed Pythor to releassssssse the Great Devourer, you put ussssss in danger, and Fangtom wassssss right, you were a coward!"

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