Can you find Pythor in this photo?


Shale with his two silver kunai

Lloyd, Mezmo, Spitta, and Lizaru walked towards the light. The light changed to darkness. Lloyd, Mezmo, Spitta and Lizaru walked into the darkness. The Underworld. Lloyd said" The Anacondrai are right there!" Spitta took out his blade and slowed time down before the Anacondrai could escape. Lord Garmadon,The Ninja, Slithraa, Acidicus, Skalidor, Fangtom, Slasher and Hisser were in Ninjago City. Lord Garmadon said" Release them, Acidicus!" Acidicus did so. The Ninja were joined by Sensei Wu, Nya, Shale and Neido. Lord Garmadon was followed by the Serpentine, The Skulkin, The Blizzard Blue Ninjas, Mini Spykors,and Fangpyre Machines.
Neido Render



The Falcon

250px-Robot2 ep.7

The Bronze Robot


The Venomari


Return of the Constrictai!

General Slithraa

Hello there

M Jay

The Blizzard Blue Ninja

Blizzard Blue Ninja

The second Blizzard Blue Ninja




Hello there

The Great Grundal was the size of a lizard. The Bronze Robot flew to Ninjago City. The Great Grundal darted down the street, and headed in the direction of Wildwood Forest.

Mezmo, Spitta, Lloyd and Lizaru walked towards the Anacondrai. The first one, Conda said" Look, it issssss two Venomari, One Hypnobrai, and a Ninja!" The second one, Gnawer said" I haven't ssssseeen a Serpentine in yearsssssss" The third one, Crawler said" Ninja, have you sssseeen Pythor?" Lloyd said" He was consumed by the Great Devourer" Conda said" Thank goodnessss, that we can turn invissssible" Gnawer said" Pythor ate the ressssst of the Anacondrai, while we were invisssssible"

The Ninja ran towards Brad and Gene. The battle began. Acidicus picked up Zane and threw him to Skalidor. Bytar was fighting Sensei Wu. Shale and Neido were fighting Chokun. Lasha and Rattla helped Bytar fight Sensei Wu. Slithraa hit Kai and Cole with his honored weapon. Slithraa said" Kai and Cole won't remember anything" Lord Garmadon used the Sword of Fire. Sensei Wu jumped up and threw his katana. Jay took the Nunchucks of Lightning from Lord Garmadon. Fangtom slithered over and took them back. Jay kicked Fangtom into Snike. Snike spun around, and kicked Jay. Shale and Neido were fighting Fang-Suei, Hisser, and Slasher. Slasher kicked Shale and Neido into Kai, Cole and Zane.....

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