Shale with his two silver kunai

Neido Render


General Slithraa

Hello there



Jay, Kai, Zane and Cole continued to run. The Serpentine followed. Brad and Gene walked away. Kai said" Where are you two going?" Brad said" I just remembered Gene and I have to attend school" Gene said" Hurry!" Lasha swung on a vine. Rattla did the same, Bytar, Snike, Chokun, Fang-Suei, Snappa, and Fangdam all swung on vines. Jay pulled Kai, Cole, and Zane out of the way.

Lizaru, Lloyd, Spitta and Mezmo climbed up a ladder. Lloyd said" Where are we?" Lizaru said" We jusssst reached the Anacondrai Tomb!" Spitta said" That meansssss all of ussssss were underground for a while, ssssso, The three Anacondrai mussssst be in thisssss location, We were under the Ssssssea of Sand's layerssssss, we jusssssst climbed up thisssss ladder, leading ussssss to thissss location" Mezmo said" That wasssss a long fact!" Lloyd said" I just heard hissssing!"

The Ultra Sonic Raider was driving through Ninjago City, A rumble was heard. The Great Grundal returned. Shale and Neido jumped out. Sensei Wu said" It was last seen in Birchwood Forest!" Nya said" I'll help!" Shale threw his two kunai. The Great Grundal roared, and slammed The Ultra Sonic Raider into reverse. Shale said" Neido, check on the Ultra Sonic Raider!" Neido said" Ok!" Shale tamed it. Neido started to repair the Ultra Sonic Raider's wheels. Sensei Wu said" Thanks"

Slithraa said" Slasher, your plan sssstartssss tommorrow!" Hisser cheered. Lord Garmadon said" Skalidor, have you awakened the Great Grundal?" Skalidor said" It isssss Ninjago City!" Fangtom said" You can what issssss going on over there usssssing the my anti-venom from my sssssstaff! Acidicus said" That is true!" Fangtom released a puddle of the venom. The Great Grundal had Shale trapped with his tail , and Sensei Wu was kicking it. Lord Garmadon said" My brother is a FOOL!"

Skales said" Where isssss Slithraa?" Skales said" I am the General, and I am chasssssing the Ninja?, It is probably becaussssse Slithraa recieved the Honored Weapon!" Hypno said" Ssskales, you are jussssst jealousssss that Slithraa was a better General than you are!"

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