Shale with his two silver kunai

Neido Render


General Slithraa

Hello there



Shale and Neido started to fight. Neido kicked Shale into the street. Shale threw his two silver kunai. Neido was hit in the face by the bottom of the kunai. Neido picked them up, and threw them back. Shale caught them and put them away. Neido lunged. Shale threw his sword. The sword clinked against Neido's sword. Shale shoved Neido into the street. Neido got up and jumped to a roof. Neido said" Try to jump, I dare you......"

The Serpentine chased the Ninja. Rattla and Lasha tackled Kai, Cole and Zane. Jay was nowhere in sight. Lasha said" Snike, where isssss your dagger?" Snike said" That issss strange, where isssss your blade?" Lasha said" I just had it" Rattla said" Jay hasssss our weaponsssss!" Cole, Kai, Zane, Jay, Brad and Gene ran.

Lloyd, Mezmo, Spitta and Lizaru turned down the corner. Flames appeared. Lloyd said" We can't pass!" Lizaru said" Yesssss, we can, crawl on the roof!" Spitta, Mezmo, Lizaru and Lloyd all did so.

Shale jumped and kicked Neido. Neido fell. Shale quickly jumped off the building. Neido was falling. The Ultra Sonic Raider arrived. Sensei fired the Sacred Flute cannon. Neido was longer hypnotized. Nya opened the two glass doors. Shale and Neido fell in the seats. The Ultra Sonic Raider then turned around the corner.

Lord Garmadon said" The planning continues" Slithraa said" Ninjago isssss almosssst ourssss" Acidicus said" I see you are pleassssed, Lord Garmadon" Lord Garmadon nodded. Skalidor said" The ssssurface dwellersssss will pay for locking usssss underground" Fangtom said" It wasssss not fair" Slasher said" All we need to do issssss, draw the Ninja to all in one location, then we can launch a full ambusssssh" Hisser said" That isssss a great idea" Lord Garmadon said" Slasher, I like your ideas" Slasher said" Thanksssss"

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