Neido Render


General Slithraa

Hello there



Neido overlooked Shale and Sensei Wu from a building. Neido leaped down. Shale said" Neido, that isn't your usual entrance" Sensei Wu said" Neido, Shale is speaking to you" Neido growled. Shale said" He has been hypnotized" Sensei Wu said" I know, I will get Nya" Shale said" Ok" Neido took out his sword. Shale said" Neido, I don't want to fight you" Neido said" Either way, you will. prepared to be afraid, because you will be...."

Lloyd, Mezmo, Spitta and Lizaru walked further into the Caves. A rumble was heard. Lloyd said" Hurry!" Spitta, Mezmo and Lizaru did a flip. Mezmo flipped Lloyd on his back. Spitta and Lizaru slid on the dirt. Mezmo continued to carry Lloyd. Spitta held onto Lizaru and Mezmo. Lloyd said" RUN!" Lizaru picked up rocks with his cloth bag. Lloyd, Lizaru, Mezmo and Spitta turned down the corner.

The Serpentine, Kai, Cole, Zane and Jay were at the Toxic Bogs. Brad and Gene said" Hello" The Serpentine hissed. Brad and Gene said" It is the Serpentine!" Jay then released the binders off Kai, Cole and Zane. Jay strapped the binders to his pocket. The Ninja were chased by the Serpentine. Brad and Gene followed. Rattla picked the Poison Dart. Lasha said" A Samurai fired that Poisssson Dart in Pythor!" Lasha and Rattla continued to chase the Ninja.

Wyplash said" Krazi, you just made a new enemy!" The Mini Spykors crawled into the Mini Portal. Wyplash walked outside of the Main Chamber. He sighed.

Slithraa walked out of the Portal. Acidicus, Skalidor, Fangtom and Lord Garmadon did the same. The Hypnobrai Tomb was nearly empty. Hisser and Slasher came out. Slithraa said" Greetingsssss, allies" Lord Garmadon said" Hisser and Slasher, you can sssstay" Hisser and Slasher cheered.....

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