Neido Render


General Slithraa

Hello there



The bold represents Frakjaw being annoying.

The Mini Spykors crawled on Wyplash's leg. Wyplash said" Lord Garmadon betrays me, Chopov agrees with Lord Garmadon, and now, Krazi" Krazi opened the Portal. Krazi giggled.

Frakjaw said" Where is Samukai? Can anyone tell me? Please.... Please.. I want to know, where is our leader? Does anyone know? One of you has to know! Come on, please! All I want is a response! Where is Master Samukai? Does anyone know? Chopov, do you know? I feel like left out! Why won't anyone answer my simple question? Chopov said" Samukai is dead!" Frakjaw said" Was it that hard?"

Neido jumped over Lasha and Chokun. Lasha threw his dagger. Neido kicked Lasha's dagger. Snike was kicking Neido. Neido jumped over Snike. Rattla jumped over Snike and smacked Neido. Lasha tripped Neido, as Rattla slid under him. Rattla held Neido back. Neido concentrated. He broke free of Rattla's grip. Slithraa used his honored weapon on him. He was in a trance, as his eyes turned were in red spirals. Neido said" What is your bidding, Master Acidicus, Slithraa, Fangtom, Skalidor and Lord Garmadon?" Lord Garmadon looked please.

Jay returned to Ninjago City. There, he went to rescue the Ninja. Acidicus, Slithraa, Lord Garmadon, Skalidor and Fangtom just left in the Portal. The Serpentine tied Kai, Cole and Zane's hands in metal binders. Rattla opened the Portal. Jay rushed into the gathering, and everyone was in the Portal. It closed.

Lloyd, Spitta, Lizaru, and Mezmo walked into the Caves. Rocks started to fall. Mezmo, Spitta and Lizaru shoved Lloyd to the ground. Rocks started to fall harder. Mezmo, Spitta and Lizaru picked up Lloyd. Lloyd said" Thanks, but I now have dirt in my eyes" Lizaru said" Spitta, lead ussss in the right direction" Mezmo removed the dirt from Lloyd's eyes. The four continued to walk. It seemed endless........

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