Jay ran. Kai followed. Cole and Zane picked up speed.

Can you find Pythor in this photo?


Shale with his two silver kunai

Neido Render



The Falcon

General Slithraa

Hello there



Screen shot 2012-08-23 at 6.54.53 PM

Cole vs Lord Garmadon!

The Ninja climbed up a ladder. Lord Garmadon awaited. Slithraa handed Lord Garmadon the Golden Weapons. The Ninja were electrocuted. Lord Garmadon said" Good, Acidicus, wake them up!"

Lloyd and Lizaru looked around. Mezmo and Spitta did the same. Lloyd said" There is nothing here!" Spitta said" I heard hisssing again!" Mezmo said" There hasssss to be a another room in here!" Lizaru leaned against the wall. It caved in. Mezmo said" Lizaru jusssst found the ssssecret room!" Spitta said" Let'sssss go!" Lizaru said" A tunnel!" Spitta said" Hurry, let's ssssseee where the tunnel leadssssss ussss to!" Lloyd said" Serpentine first!" Mezmo and Spitta jumped down, and Lloyd followed.

Shale was kicking the Great Grundal. It roared. Sensei Wu said" Shale, use Spinjitzu!" Shale did so. The Great Grundal roared. Its tail slammed the ground. Neido did Imagination Spinjitzu. The Great Grundal was weakining. Neido threw his sword. Shale threw his two kunai. The Great Grundal roared. Sensei Wu threw his staff. The Great Grundal shrunk.

Lord Garmadon opened the Portal. Acidicus looked Kai, Cole, Zane and Jay as they entered. Slasher and Hisser followed. Slithraa, Skalidor, and Fangtom followed. The Portal was headed to Ninjago City.

Lloyd was walking through the Tunnel. Mezmo said" I ssseee a beaming ray of light!" Spitta said" It is brighter than this Tunnel" Lizaru said" Come on, we sssshould find out what isssssss there!" Lloyd said" I can't open my eyes!" Lizaru handed Lloyd a potion. Lloyd said" Thanks"

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