Can you find Pythor in this photo?



Neido Render


General Slithraa

Hello there



Zane's dream

The Green Ninja

Wyplash got back up. Krazi revealed his sword. Wyplash revealed his sword. The two blades were locked into position. Krazi said" I don't appreciate your attitude, Wyplash" Wyplash said" I don't approve of your constant whining" Krazi smacked his former ally with his sword. Wyplash stepped on his enemy's foot. Krazi fell to the obsidian floor. Wyplash said" Pathetic" Krazi opened a jar of Mini Spykors......

Lloyd went into the Caves. Lizaru said" They can teleport, I never knew that Sssserpentine tribe can teleport to different placessssss" Mezmo said" I sensssee they are in the Caves" Spitta said" All I sssense is turkey nearby"

Chopov said" Has anyone of you seen Krazi?" Frakjaw said" Has anyone seen Chopov?" Bonezai said" Uh, Frakjaw, you were just talking to him" Frakjaw said" Greetings, Chopov, I haven't seen Krazi at all" Chopov said" I guess thanks for the answer" Frakjaw said" Where is Samukai?" Chopov facepalmed.

Fangtom, Skalidor, Slithraa and Acidicus and the Ninja started to fight. Slithraa hit Kai with the Nunchucks of Lightning. Cole was kicking Skalidor. Skalidor used the Scythe of Quakes. Cole was hit by it. Zane was fighting Fangtom. Fangtom used the Sword of Fire and hit Zane in the face. Zane's face peeled off. Kai, Cole and Zane were defeated. Jay jumped over Acidcus. Skalidor's tail caught Jay. Fangtom removed Jay and dropped him on the grass. Chokun tied up Cole, Zane and Kai. Jay jumped on a roof. Jay said" I can't rescue Shale, Neido, Sensei Wu, Kai, Cole and Zane at this moment"

Shale and Neido looked as Jay escaped. Neido saw his sword. He went to reach it. Shale said" What are you doing?" Neido said" Freeing ourselves, I can't reach it" Shale said" Loosen the ropes and slide it" Shale, Sensei Wu and Neido all did that. They were free. Neido said" Hurry, Go! " Shale and Sensei Wu ran away. The Serpentine walked towards him. Neido reached his sword.

Acidicus, Skalidor, Slithraa and Fangtom were speaking to Lord Garmadon. Slithraa said" We sssshall head to the Hypnobrai Tomb" Lord Garmadon said" We have the three Ninja, Their Golden Weapons, and the Ultra Dragon.".......

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