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Sensei Wu, Shale and Neido were surrounded by Serpentine and Skulkin. Sensei Wu used Wyplash's scythe. Chopov jumped, and took it. Shale and Neido were fighting Kruncha. Nuckal threw a sword at Neido. Neido used Imaginary Spinjitzu. Nuckal backed away. Frakjaw threw his hat. The hat hit Shale in the face. Sensei Wu threw his staff. Frakjaw appeared behind Sensei Wu. The two started fighting. Nuckal was pulling Neido out of his Imagination Spinjitzu. Neio's Imagination Spinjitzu grew. Bytar said" Did you notice that Sensssei Wu, and thossse two Ninja completely ignored ussss?" Snike said" Bytar hassss a point, why are they focusssed on the Skulkin and not ussss?"

Krazi and Wyplash were still in the Main Chamber. Wyplash was rubbing his injured arm. Krazi said" How did that happen, Wyplash?" Wyplash said" I am not in the mood to talk about it, KRAZI" Krazi backed away and said" No one talks to me like that" Krazi kicked Wyplash and said" You are a bonehead"

Mezmo, Spitta, Lizaru and Lloyd saw the Anacondrai. Lloyd slid down the rocks. Mezmo followed, along with Spitta and Lizaru. Lloyd rushed down there. The Anacondrai disappeared. Mezmo said" They went into the cavesssssss" Lloyd went into the caves. Spitta and Lizaru walked in. Mezmo said"Look, above the canyon wall, The Anacondrai are there!, I ssseee them sssso clear!" Lloyd, Lizaru, Mezmo and Spitta climbed the wall. The Anacondrai disappeared. Lloyd sighed.

The Ultra Dragon appeared. The Skulkin backed away. The Serpentine stepped forward. Shale and Neido examined their weapons. The Serpentine got on the Ultra Dragon. Lasha then picked up Sensei Wu, Snappa picked up Shale and Chokun picked up Neido. The Ultra Dragon flew away. The Skulkin decided to be guards.

Wyplash was on the cold obsidian floor. Krazi juggled his weapon. Wyplash said" Why?" Krazi said" Wyplash, I didn't appreciate your tone, and you deserved that kick, You really did, you really did......."

The Ultra Dragon flew to Ninjago City. Acidicus said" Lasha, Snappa and Chokun have Sssensei Wu, Shale and Neido as captives" Lord Garmadon said" That is great" The Serpentine got off the Ultra Dragon. The Ninja looked down and jumped. The Serpentine examined their weapons. Slithraa, Acidicus, Fangtom and Skalidor looked at the Golden Weapons. Lord Garmadon said" Chokun, tie up Sensei Wu, Shale and Neido" Chokun said" Ssssure thing" Lord Garmadon said" Slithraa, Acidicus, Skalidor and Fangtom, prepare to use your Golden Weapons" Slithraa said" I alwayssss wanted to ussseee a Golden Weapon" Acidicus said"Serpentine, Look as your commandersssss, use Golden Weaponsssss againsssst the Ninja!" Slithraa said" Acidicus, You can sssspeak well, as you can sseee they are all observant" Cole said" They have our Golden Weapons, and has anyone seen Lloyd?" The Ninja and Slithraa, Acidicus, Skalidor and Fangtom started their fight.......

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